Virgin America

Flight 871 Dallas Love Field (DAL)  to Los Angeles (LAX) |

October 13, 2014 was particularly special as media filled the terminal, filming passengers checking in at the newly relocated Virgin America kiosk. Team Virgin America excitedly answered questions and directed patrons to the correct security gates. After we whizzed past security, it was apparent that DAL aka Love Field is dominantly controlled by Southwest Airlines. Southwest may have the gates, but today they sure didn’t have every ones attention as Virgin America set up their new gates. With in moments of our arrival at our gate, it was apparent that everyone in the airport wanted to watch the action at the Virgin gates. Several Southwest employees popped in and walked through to gaze up the modern and mood lit area, of course they did this rather hasty.
To kick off this milestone, VA had a special table decked out with Krispy Creme Donuts and a photo booth for “sharing the love”. As the intercom comes on and they call our plane for boarding we hear rumors that Sir Richard Bronson is roaming about, unfortunately for us we didn’t catch a glimpse of this transportation innovator. However we had upgraded to First Class Seats so not all was lost. As we took our seats and relaxed we were greeted by our captain who came by to personally introduce himself to every passenger in First Class as well as Main Cabin Select. Every staff member on the flight was excited to be there and everyone seemed so happy to do their jobs. We’d like to point out that this has been the case on every Virgin America  Flight we’ve ever flown, the staff is wonderful every time and they genuinely love their jobs and you can tell by just observing them. Kindly ask them and they’ll quickly brag about how much they love this company. Love seems to be what this airline is all about, from their new gates at DAL to the way their staff members feel about their employer.
When it came time to push back Sadey and I looked at ourselves and smiled, happy to be the First Passengers to fly in First Class on the First plane from DAL to LAX. Watching the lines move faster down the tarmac and feeling the thrust of the jets Sadey and I slowly watched Dallas disappear through our porthole. Reaching cruising altitude we kick back, let the seats recline and ordered breakfast. We both had the All American which consisted of Bacon, Eggs, Toast, Fruit and Hash Browns. This chef inspired creation is quite palatable especially for airline food, it’s reminiscent of American Airlines hay day, yet more modern and a lot better service. First Class also has armrest LDC monitors and tray tables, so you know we watched a movie while enjoying our meal. This is all brought to you on the convenience of a touch screen LCD and the simplicity and sex appeal of an Apple product.
Midway through our flight the captain comes on to welcome everyone and thank us for flying Virgin, we then start to slowly decent into Southern California. Flying into So Cal is quite a sight if you’ve never done it before because of the way the Desert meets San Fernando Valley going from flat arid areas with scattered palm trees to snow capped mountains and pines. Watching the fog roll in from the coast as we touch down on what WE THINK was a perfect flight. Another win for Virgin America and another reason we LOVE this airline. Southwest better take note, there is a new kid in town and he’s no stranger to customer service, sleek design and great prices.


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