Virgin America Lounge aka The Loft @ LAX

LAX Airport | Terminal E
Los Angeles CA
Virgin America Lounge
Entrance to The Loft
Virgin America Lounge
Sleek Seating at The Loft
Hidden away above Terminal E’s gates is this urban treehouse known as The Loft. VA’s Loft is a modern airport lounge featuring light snacks, complimentary WiFi and full open bar. The cost of admission is $40 per person. ::note:: it’s free for First Class Long Haul Flights ::
The lounge is for the most part quite comfortable and offers great views of D10 Runaway, so there is lots of action to watch. The downside is that it does get a little crowded from time to time and the noise level can be a more than expected.
Virgin America Lounge
Bar and seating areas

The Bar:

The Loft features an open bar in the center of the lounge with where all drinks are complimentary. At the bar you will find your normal everyday cocktails and a selection of wine and beer (even a local craft beer or two). We always go for our favorites: Jack n’ Coke, Bombay n’ Sprite or Blood Mary and they do them right and most of all strong (this can help if its a little crowded, so double fist if necessary). On the opposite side of the bar you will find the Self Serve drink station where you can choose from Soft Drinks, Specialty Coffee/Hot Beverage Machine, Tea, and usually a infused water.

The Snacks:

The light snack selection varies depending on time of day but for the most part its bagels, fruit, cheese, chips and cookies or muffins. This too is a downside of the Loft because most lounges offer a hot selection or sandwiches, but sadly The Loft does not and frowns upon you bring in outside food from the places below.
Virgin America Lounge
View of the soda machine, drinks and snacks.

The Staff:

The lounge staff is friendly and happy to assist with seat upgrades and flight info. ::note:: they do not make announcements so its up to you to watch for when your plane is boarding::

Bottom Line:

WiFi is quick, most of the time its not too crowded and even so its still better than sitting in the airport on your cell phone. Our suggestion is if you have an hour or more layover then definitely go for it, the free WiFi and drinks alone are much better than what you get downstairs.
On that note…avoid Gladstone’s at all costs, that place is a shithole, the food sucks and so does their drinks and service.


Elevate Gold Members get 2 passes per year to Virgin America’s Lofts
Elevate Silver Members get 1 pass per year to Virgin America’s Lofts
Priority Pass Members get in free, guest are additional. (in our experience it has cost around $20 for the guest)
Grab a Red Boothe Seat, they are comfy and you can spread out.
The outlets are few and far between so check before you sit.
Avoid Gladstone’s…