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This weeks feature is the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Review, which outlines the pros and cons of this modern Vegas Casino. Positioned along the heart of Las Vegas’ lime lit strip between The Bellagio and the Aria is a chic modern mecca known as The Cosmopolitan. From the lobby to casino this place is just over the top when it comes to contemporary design. The Cosmo boasts “just the right amount of wrong” and sticks true to their motto as the hotel hosts the younger crowd hungry for their night on the town.
Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Review


The lobby is filled with floor to ceiling led displays, which change periodically. Even though our arrival was on a Monday the Cosmo was quite busy with patrons lined up to check-in. To our surprise the wait was short and the staff very quick to assist us. Upon check-in we were offered an upgrade from a Terrace One Bedroom to a Terrace Suite for only $40 more, which we immediately accepted.

The Staff/Service:

Cosmopolitan staff was very friendly and helpful to all our needs. From the cab attendants to the Casino dealers everyone at the Cosmo made you feel welcome. We especially enjoyed talking with the roulette dealers, they were very down to earth and made the tables more fun to play.

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Review

The Room:

As the door opened to our suite, we immediately began to feel that over-the-top Vegas hotel room feeling….dining table, refrigerator, kitchenette…is this really happening? This suite felt like more of an upscale apartment than a hotel room. The balcony boasts a full view of the Bellagio fountains and stretched from living area to bedroom, complete with patio  furniture. Fun fact about the patio furniture, its bolted to the floor..our thought is to keep someone from re-creating the “Hangover” by throwing them overboard.

Cosmo Las Vegas Review
The Bedroom

The Bed:

The best way to describe the bed was that perfect situation where you are tired from traveling since the early am, toss yourself at the bed, and instantly you feel the ultimate relaxation. After a power nap we both agreed the bed was something spectacular…an expedition of comfort.

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Review
Master Bathroom
Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Review
Guest Bath

The Bathrooms:

Our suite featured 2 full bathrooms in it, a large guest bath complete with shower and an extra large master bath with tub and shower. Both boasted marble floors, frameless glass showers with contemporary tile and high end amenities. The guest bath had a pedestal sink while the master offered double sinks with marble countertops.

Room Service:

Famished from traveling since the early morning we decided to plunge into some room service when we got to the room. To our surprise it was better than we expected. We had the tasty Sliced Skirt Steak Sandwich, Fusilli with Cheese Gratin, Caesar Salad and we also tried the Double Chocolate Heath Bar Crunch Cake which was quite delish. All in all the room service was pretty damn good, living up to Vegas standards and the cost for admission.


So we tried 2 restaurants while staying at the Cosmo:
  • Wicked Spoon Buffet:
     If you are looking for that balls to the wall Vegas buffet experience, this is it. We’ve eaten at most of the buffets on the strip and this is hands down the best. This is a buffet for Foodies by Foodies, our highlights included  Mac n’ Cheese Bar, Bone Marrow and  BBQ Shrimp n’ Grits.
  • Secret Pizza:
      Tucked away in a random hall way on the 3rd maybe 5th floor (we were drinking before eating here…) is this great New York Style Pizza dive. Secret Pizza offers several different types of pie to satisfy your late night craving and they do it right. Though a bit pricey this is a must try if you are at the Cosmo. Oh… and they DON’T serve ranch so don’t ask.

Bottom Line:

Would we go back?
Yes, Our room was great and felt like an apartment more than a hotel but this place will set you back a pretty penny if you stay longer than a few days.
Maybe.. I’m torn on this… i kind of feel like the place is TOO big. I mean they give you a map upon checking in. Although the view from the room was great and it was very spacious … you might be TOO comfortable in the room … as in not wanting to leave it, which lets face it, no one goes to Vegas to stay in their room the whole time. 😉


Upon check-in ask your front desk attendant if there are any upgrades, to your surprise you’ll find they aren’t that expensive.
Resort Fees are Mandatory at $25 (includes wifi access, pool access and fitness center)
Check: In 3pm
Check Out: 12pm

The Cosmopolitan @ “The Strip” Las Vegas, Nevada

3708 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 698-7000

We hope you’ve enjoyed our article Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Review, if you have any hotels you enjoy in Las Vegas send them our way – we’re always looking for something new!