Sissy’s Southern Kitchen @ Knox/Henderson Area

2929 N Henderson Ave
Dallas, TX 75206
(214) 827-9900


Sissy’s Southern Kitchen is an upscale Southern eatery, boasting classy upscale food and cocktails. Sissy’s decor is a throw back to the “good ole days”, this place feels like you are eating at an old row house in New Orleans. The staff is all decked out in Southern attire: Men in slacks, dress shirts and bowties. Women: Long skirts and pearls. Overall we were kind of in awe of the place that is until we tasted the food….


First off, we are still trying to wrap our heads around the fact that this restaurant is rated well by D Magazine and other Dallas foodies. Second, lets discuss the fact that whom ever owns Sissy’s seems to think they are worth the price they charge. Third, the food is lackluster at best, and some of the dishes we tried we couldn’t even get past the first bite. So let us begin our first and last experience at this “wanna-be” Southern Eatery:
  • Fried Green Tomatoes: 
    This is a Southern staple, something that mom used to make for the whole family with fresh green tomatoes from that truck on the side of the road. Sissy’s sad attempt at this dish was delivered with “red” tomatoes (the cook must have been color blind), sliced thick and drenched in a tasteless batter. They came out topped with a Seafood salad (can’t remember exactly what it was), which we assume is why they are so expensive. The Seafood Salad was okay, the tomatoes were not.


  • Boudin Balls:
     Another great Southern treat, which is usually spiced sausage and rice in a natural casing. Sissy’s boast that their Boudin Balls are amazing, what we got was far from that. The balls arrived with Tabasco sauce and a lemon wedge. On the first bite we knew something was wrong, where is the spice? Sausage Flavor? Oh wait….maybe you made these with Uncle Ben’s microwavable rice from the pantry? This has to be why Sissy’s serves their Boudin Balls with Tabasco, because with out the Tabasco there is absolutely no flavor at all.
  • Chili Lime Oysters:
     Surprisingly this was actually palatable. Compared to everything else this was by far the best, yet still nothing to run home and “slap yo mama” about.
  • Curry Deviled Eggs:
     We both are big fans of Curry and could not wait to try this dish. When it arrived to our table the dish looked beautiful, yet the taste can best be describe as odd. First bite you get the curry right up front and you think this is gonna be exactly what I wanted, but then…something in the background creeps up and takes over…our best guess is anise? Both curry and anise are great spices, they could even taste good together, but not in this dish.
  • Mac n’ Cheese:
     Mac n’ Cheese is that direct link for Adults to their child hood. This was the absolute worst thing we had during our meal. Bland overcooked pasta, in a flavorless chalk-like cheese sauce, plied high with cheap yellow processed cheddar, then finished with toasted bread crumbs. One bite is all it took for both of us to lay down our forks and dismiss this poorly crafted dish.
  • Sissy’s Fried Chicken:
    This is Sissy’s signature dish, served with a side of mashed potatoes and white gravy. The chicken was moist and had a good crunch but lacked flavor, actually it had no flavor, not even salt or pepper. You’d think that a “signature dish” should knock it out of the park, this one just strikes out. The mashed potatoes and gravy were the highlight of this dish, but that’s not saying much.


Sissy’s Old Fashioned: Craft bourbon, bitters and wasn’t the best we’ve had or the worst. Let’s just go for middle of the road.
Hemmingway Mojito: Champagne, rum, mint, syrup. This was actually quite good.


Would we go back? 

Hell No. This place was the absolute worst imitation of Upscale Southern Cooking I’ve ever had. Your shoe has more “soul” than this place.

Nope. I thought maybe I’d give it another try and that maybe we just came on a bad night, but after talking with a few friends that had tried Sissy’s and hearing their horror stories… it’s for sure a NOPE.

The overall experience was not good at all, service was okay for it being early in the evening on a Saturday night and not a full house, the food that came out wasn’t good, and the drinks we’re just okay.