Tacos Y [email protected] Lower Greenville Area -Dallas, Tx

2820 Greenville Ave
Dallas, TX 75206
(972) 807-2466

Street Tacos hold a special place in our hearts. Growing up in Southern California (Los Angeles), good Mexican food is not hard to find. In fact there is a “Taco Stand” on almost every corner. You could say that we hold our street taco standards high, so when were asked to try “Tacos Y Mas” we were a little skeptical. To our surprise this is what we discovered:
Tacos (left to right) Veggie, El Presidente and Vera Cruz.


Corn: Very flavorful, soft yet still has texture- probably one of the best corn tortillas we’ve ever had
Flour: Soft, warm, good texture-not the best we’ve had but it was ok. We prefer our flour tortillas to be flaky with a crunch.


Grilled steak taco, topped with cheese. This taco was very juicy, flavorful and one of our favorites. We’d order this again for sure.
Consisted of grilled tilapia, cilantro, cabbage and captain sauce. On first bite it was a little fishy tasting, like the tilapia wasn’t fresh. Overall so-so.
Vera Cruz:
Fried Cod Taco-Flavorful, crunchy, good combination of sauce to veggie ratio. This is one good fish taco.
Street Tacos and our favorite sauce Salsa Brava


Moist, flavorful, a good attempt at a classic Mexican street food. This was one of the highlights.
Juicy, slightly under seasoned for our liking. Not the best we’ve had not the worst either, this one just is middle of the road.
Al Pastor:
Not impressed with these at all. Traditional Al Pastor is shaved off of a rotating metal skewer and is usually shaved off and quick pan fried to add flavor. This pastor was very much over done, too much sauce and not very good seasoning. We wouldn’t  order this one again.
Amazing flavor upon first bite. Steak is a little chewy but overall makes pretty good taco. This one wasn’t on the menu so you’ll have to ask for it by name.
Flavorful, moist and all around tasty. This is that one taco that is not for everyone, but those who dig lengua will dig this taco.
Great flavor, seasoned well, tender beef. Overall a good Asada taco. Try this one with Brava sauce for an extra kick.
Moist but lacking flavor, this taco doesn’t quite do it for us.
El Verde:
This was their vegetarian option, while we appreciate them offering a veggie friendly option… this taco needs work. It lacked seasoning and texture.
We also tried a cheese quesadilla, made with a flour tortilla and jack cheese. It was perfectly cooked, the tortilla.. crisp but not over done, the cheese was perfectly melted but again, it lacked flavor. We had to douse it in their Salsa Brava sauce for flavor.


Salsa Brava:
According to the label, this sauce is only for the “BRAVE”. It was a great sauce, but not what we expected.. spicy but not insanely spicy.
Salsa Bombero:
Great flavor and spice.

Bottom Line:

Tacos Y Mas is a decent taco shop with a few locations in the metroplex. Is it the best street tacos ever? No, but we haven’t found anything comparable to Southern California Street Tacos…so far. TYM does make good Carnitas tacos and for the most part everything is made to order & fresh. Tacos Y Mas would be a great late night stop after bar hopping on Greenville Ave since they’re open till 3am on Fridays & Saturdays.