Chapeau Rouge is just a short stroll away from the busy Old Town Square in downtown Prague.  This 3 level mecca serves as a night club, dive bar and live music venue. Chapeau Rouge is a unique find on the old city streets of Praha.

The Vibe:

The vibe is low light, friendly and grimy (in a good way). The decor is Punk Rock meets Sid from Toy Story. From plastic dolls and a Polar Bear on the wall to a creepy baby with goggles holding a rocket launcher – the decor is interesting to say the least.

What To Get:

You are in Prague…you get Beer of coarse! I had a few pints of Pilsner from the tap, fresh, crisp and cold. You can’t go wrong. IF you are in the mood to get there fast then try a shot of Becherovka.

The Staff:

They were friendly and fun. My bartender was hungover so she bought shots for everyone sitting at the bar (there was only 3 of us) it was pretty cool! She was blaring Gun’s N’ Roses on the stereo and pounding beers, this is a rare form when you can party with the bartender.

Final Thoughts:

There is a pizza place adjacent to Chapeau Rouge and they offer a great slice of pie. For a former soviet country, Chapeau Rouge really knows its rock and roll history. Cheap beer, Guns n Roses and shots of Becherovka? What could be better than this?

Chapeau Rouge @ Old Town Square -Prague, Czech Republic
Jakubskâ 2, Praha 1

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