Reminiscent of Sunset Strip’s infamous Rainbow is The Crobar, a seedy rock n’ roll bar tucked away in the busy streets of SOHO.  This Central London dive is a prodigious place to toss back a few shots of whiskey and chase it all down with beer. Crobar’s jukebox boats an immense selection of Rock, Metal and Punk.

The Vibe:

The vibe is a seedy punk rock dive, with music blasting through the bar. I have a special place in my heart for dive bars and the Crobar is definitely a great rock n’ roll dive. The people are friendly and the lights down low, my kind of joint.

What To Get:

Beer, Bourbon, Cider or shots. This isn’t a craft cocktail kind of joint, its a f*ckin dive bar so grab yourself a pint and chill out. I especially love the fact that they do not serve Jack Daniels at this bar, they serve “quality bourbon” instead. The beer selection is pretty good here, I went for a few English brews and tried the pear cider which was really good.

The Staff:

They get you what you need, do it quickly and get you back to the party. I chatted for a bit with one of the bartenders and he was really cool. Everyone I came in contact with that worked at Crobar was laid back and welcoming.

Final Thoughts:

Watch your step when you go down stairs to drain out your booze as the steps are quite steep and they have signs warning that you will bust your arse. If you find yourself moping about in SOHO why not pop into this surprisingly funky bar and grab a brew. One of my favorite rock/punk dives in the UK.Have a favorite bar or watering hole that needs to be featured on Ben’s Best Bars? Email me here and I’ll check it out when I pass through. Until Next time….Cheers!

Crobar @ SoHo Area – London, England
17 Manette Street, London W1D 4AS