Situated amongst the bustling streets of Central Barcelona is the Ohla Hotel, a classy, modern-chic hotel with a great Gastrobar housing one of the best mixologist in Europe and Michelin Star Restaurant.


The staff was quick to assist us as we departed the cab, they unloaded our bags and then carried them to the reception desk, which is a half floor above the main entrance. As we were escorted to our personal check-in specialist, we felt extremely welcomed and were offered complimentary Cava and bottled water.

The Staff/Service:

The service at the Ohla Hotel is top notch. From the lobby to house keeping everyone has a smile on their face and a lust for life. Communication wasn’t an issue for us as we both speak Spanish however the staff is fluent in several languages and will gladly try to speak with you in your native tongue. We had no issues at all during our stay and really can’t say enough good things about how welcomed we felt.

The Room:

Our room was located on the 5th floor, high above the city streets with a view over front entrance. The room featured an open floor plan with the bath room open into the main area with a couch, desk and then the bed in the corner of the room. There were 3 french style windows that all opened to the fresh air outside. There is also a long closet on the right hand side of room upon entry that allows for easy storage of your luggage and offers a safe. The Hardwood flooring really was a nice additional to the room. We found the room to be warmer than our liking, we couldn’t seem to get the thermostat to our ideal level, but the room felt comfortable and more like a condo than a hotel room. We both really enjoyed the lighting and it was nice that the curtains blocked the sun really well when we decided to sleep in. Overall I’d say we were impressed minus the comfort of the bed…

The Bed:

The bed was quite firm but not unbearable. We found it slept a little hot, but we were able to open a window and get some fresh air to counter the effect. The pillows were soft, which made up for the fact that the bed was really firm. It was the worst bed we’ve slept on but it wasn’t the most comfortable either. Nothing that a few cocktails can’t fix.

The Bathroom:

Our room boasted a shower, tub and sink all in the same area and then a toilet closed off in its own room for privacy. The open concept was ok for a couple but a bit odd if you are sharing with a friend. The modern design was sleek and sexy with grey tile floors and a nice wood vanity.
IMG_9535 IMG_9534

Room Service:

We ordered room service once at the hotel and felt the menu was a little misleading as to what you actually thought was coming. We weren’t impressed with the food but the service was good.


We decided to try the highly rated Michelin restaurant “Saüc”, inside the hotel. The food was very good at this restaurant. The chefs pre-fixed menu is the way to go, trust us its worth the money and very fun to try especially when paired with Cava/Wine. The service at the restaurant was really great, the only downside is that the restrooms are 2 levels below the actual restaurant, so you have to get up and walk through the restaurant then down stairs or take an elevator – this wasn’t a deal breaker but it was kinda off putting.

Ohla Gastrobar:

Ah-amazing!! This place is a must even if you aren’t staying at the hotel.
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The WiFi was included in the room rate. For the most part it was fast and reliable, we didn’t notice any issues. It was fast enough to stream Netflix.

Bottom Line:

Would we go back?
Ben: Maybe the staff was great, but the bed wasn’t, but….the Ohla Gastrobar alone was worth it.

Sadey: Maybe, for me the bed was too firm and the room service menu was disappointing. But as Ben said… the Ohla Gastrobar… is AMAZING… so if I didn’t stay here I would totally come back to the bar.


  • There are 2 convenient stores across the street so you can stock up on water and other items.
  • You are only about a 3 min walk from the famous Barcelona Cathedral.
  • Go and drink at the Ohla Bar (especially during happy hour for Tapas)
  • Hotel is about 20 min cab ride from airport, about 25euro.
  • Check: In 3pm
  • Check Out: 11am

Ohla Hotel @ Barcelona
Via Laietana, 49, 08003 Barcelona, Spain
+34 933 41 50 50