Hidden away above Gate 8A’s Virgin gates is this urban oasis known as The Clubhouse. VA’s Clubhouse is a modern airport lounge featuring warm snacks, complimentary WiFi and full open bar. The cost of admission was free as we had an Upper Class Long Haul Flight to London.

The Vibe:

The lounge is for the most part is comfortable, quite and relaxing. The Staff goes above and beyond to make your experience a pleasant one.


The Bar:

Boston’s Clubhouse features an open bar with top shelf cocktails. From the hand crafted Virgin Cocktail menu to the old favorites the Virgin Staff can whisk up some great drinks.


The Snacks:

The snack/food selection at the Clubhouse featured local New England Clam Chowder, Fresh Spinach Dip and other upscale offerings while the menu was not as extensive as the Clubhouse in Heathrow we found everything to be tasty and made to order.


The Staff:

The lounge staff was friendly and happy to assist with our food and drink orders, typical of any Virgin Lounge Experience.

Bottom Line:

WiFi is quick, drinks strong and food was pretty good. The staff makes you feel at home and you can even charge a few devices before embarking on that long haul overseas. All in all the Clubhouse is worth a visit to hang your hat before departure.

Virgin Atlantic Lounge aka The Clubhouse @ Boston Logan, MA
Boston Logan Airport |  Level 2 Gate 8A
Boston, MA