Smack dab in the middle of New Orlean’s Infamous Bourbon Street is the Old Absinthe House, an old school dive committed to keeping things the way they used to be. This social booze house is a must stop if you are out and about in Nola.

The Vibe:

The vibe at Absinthe House is severely laid back, the old building on the outside is only complimented by the older decor in the inside. This ancient dive is over 200 years old and boast a copper top on the bar, vintage chandlers and football memorabilia hand from the beams and calling cards coat the walls. A highlight of the Absinthe House is the hand crafted marble fountains that once were used to drip cool water on the sugar cubes for the turn of the century drinker.

What To Get:

Absinthe is what I always go for, my drink of choice is the Nouvelle Orleans by Jade Liquors. The selection of Absinthe here is pretty good but Jade Liquors in my opinion are the best on the market. Have them make it the traditional way with a sugar cube and cold water, watching your neon green liquor “loush” into a chalky green substance is a show within itself.

The Staff:

The barkeeps at Old Absinthe House are very knowledge of their Absinthes and are happy to educate you on the different styles and methods of consumption. Everyone here is fun and easy going.

Final Thoughts:

The Old Absinthe House is one of the last Original Great American Speakeasys left in the states. The history, tales of crazy nights and suspected haunting adds to the old school charm of this dive. Even with the crazy crowds on Bourbon Street, you still feel like you traveled through time to sit at the bar with friends. “Everyone you have known or ever will know eventually ends up at the Old Absinthe House.”

Old Absinthe House @ French Quarter
240 Bourbon Street, New Orleans, LA 70112


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