When most people think of Seattle they think of gloomy skies and rain. When we think of Seattle we think of the food, craft beer and great people. Below are 6 reasons we love this Pacific Northwest melting pot.


Seattle is a great drinking city with countless bars offering Happy Hour from as early as 3pm until 7pm and others offer a late night happy hour from 10pm-12am. Hungry? You’ve come to the right city, gastropubs can be found all around. Seafood, fish n chips, Mexican street tacos, handcrafted meats and more can be found at almost any happy hour. The craft beer scene is thriving in Seatown with over 40 microbreweries in the city alone. When it comes to Tapas, IPA, and craft cocktails you won’t find anything better than Seattle….


The EMP boasts a great Jimi Hendrix exhibit showcasing his life’s accomplishments and time spent in London. There is also a great exhibit on Grunge Music’s favorite band Nirvana. The Nirvana exhibit contains rare photos, interviews, album artwork, tour badges and more. Another favorite highlight was the Star Wars Costume exhibit which houses wardrobe from all 6 movies and explains the thought process by which each design is achieved. Finally make sure you see the Horror Film exhibit dubbed “Cant Look Away”, this features celebrates iconic horror classics, breaks down the theory of horror films and features a scream booth. Love music, film and funky architecture? Then EMP Museum is the place to be.


Another great thing about Seattle peeps is their love for the Seahawks win or loose. You can’t walk one block without seeing someone rocking a jersey, hat or shirt. Even though the Hawks have passed the chance to win the last Super Bowl (pun intended),  their city still holds on to hope for another championship. It is this unwavering support that makes this city and great football city.



Seattle’s public transportation system is something to take note of. The light rail takes passengers from the airport to downtown within 30 mins, the bus system has a dedicated lane to cut down on rush hour transit time and there tons of cabs and uber rides available anywhere in the city. You could live in Seattle, work in downtown and never need to use your car….most locals don’t.



From the infamous Fremont Troll to the grimy Gum Wall and everywhere in between Seatown contains some series art. With such a laid back vibe and liberal atmosphere it is no surprise that Seattle has a great art scene, artist travel from all around the world to showcase their works at Pike Market and the park behind it. Maybe its the scenery or the over 140 days of rain but there is something in the water in Seattle. They even clean up the graffiti here and local artist have to go before city council to get permission to paint public places.



Seattle is no secret to seafood lovers but they also have a bustling foodie scene. Besides having some of the worlds best coffee, Seattle also has tons of great Asian, Mexican and European style eateries. There is a thriving community of Ethiopians serving up some spicy dishes in the surrounding suburbs. A boom in craft food creations ranging from Ballard all the way to Fremont. Come to Seattle hungry and you will be sure to leave happy.