Looking for a great watering hole on your next European Journey? I’ve got a list of some of the greatest dives and speakeasy’s across Europe.

The Black Dog – Paris, France

  • This epic dive bar in the Heart of Paris is among one of my all time favorites in the world. Metal music blasting across the sound system, walking downstairs transforms into a dungeon and upstairs is one of the coolest steakhouses in Europe, all in crammed into one modest space. First off you won’t find any special mojitos or gin fizzy here, just some good beer, shots of whiskey and the occasional Absinthe. The vibe is scruffy, dark and loud. If you dig heavy metal and the medieval era this is the bar for you. Make sure you eat at the restaurant in the back, it’s incredible but reservations are required for dinner.  COST: $$

26 Rue Des Lombards, 75004 Paris, France

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The Crobar – London, England

  • Reminiscent of Sunset Strip’s infamous Rainbow is The Crobar, a seedy rock n’ roll bar tucked away in the busy streets of SOHO.  This Central London dive is a prodigious place to toss back a few shots of whiskey and chase it all down with beer. Crobar’s jukebox boats an immense selection of Rock, Metal and Punk. Watch your step when you go down stairs to drain out your booze as the steps are quite steep and they have signs warning that you will bust your arse. If you find yourself moping about in SOHO why not pop into this surprisingly funky bar and grab a brew. COST: $$

17 Manette Street, London W1D 4AS

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OHLA Boutique Bar – Barcelona, Spain

  • Located in the center of Barcelona’s bustling streets is the Ohla Hotel and inside awaits one of the greatest inbibing experiences of your life…The Ohla Boutique Bar. This bar features a lavish menu of classic and house made cocktails. The vibe is low key, chilled-out, yet plush. Ohla’s tall red chairs are as comfy as they are inviting. Order an Old Fashioned, let them know you prefer smokey flavors, and you’ll be amazed as your drink comes out in a glass dome infused with vanilla pipe tobacco. This elaborate exhibition of mixology is well worth the $15 price tag. Ohla Boutique Bar is definitely one of the greatest speakeasy’s on the planet and well worth a visit. COST: $$$$

Via Laietana, 49, 08003 Barcelona

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Chapeau Rouge – Prague, Czech Republic

  •  Chapeau Rouge is just a short stroll away from the busy Old Town Sqaure in downtown Prague. The decor is Punk Rock meets Sid from Toy Story. From plastic dolls and a Polar Bear on the wall to a creepy baby with goggles holding a rocket launcher – the decor is interesting to say the least. The vibe is low light, friendly and grimy (in a good way). There is a pizza place adjacent to Chapeau Rouge and they offer a great slice of pie. For a former soviet country, Chapeau Rouge really knows its rock and roll history. Cheap beer, Guns n Roses and shots of Becherovka? What could be better than this?  COST: $

Jakubskâ 2, Praha 1, Czech Republic

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Bar Bakkari – Helsinki, Finland

  • We’ve all wanted to party like a Rockstar, but there are few places where you can actually party with Rockstars…at Bar Bakkari you can do both. Laid out amongst Helsinki’s metropolis is Bar Bakkari, a bar that boasts COST: $$$

Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 21, 00100 Helsinki, Finland

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