Tucked in a strip mall type structure is a great dive with amazing barkeeps and drinks simply known as Henry’s Majestic. Craft beer & cocktail peeps listen up as this place serves up some serious suds.


The Vibe:

Urban meets your grandfathers hunting lodge meets the industrial revolution. An open floor plan with a fire place that looks like a moonshine still leads to a industrial modern bar with a large moose mounted on the wall and fish hanging from his antlers. To sum it up its a great dive on a Tuesday night and they play classic rock – Pink Floyd was blasting when we walked in.

What To Get:

Henry’s has a craft beer and cocktail menu but the best part of going to an establishment of this sorts is that you are able to tell your barkeep what you like and leave the drinks up to them. I am always a fan of dealers choice and the fine folks at Henry’s Majestic sure know how craft some great drinks. Highlights where the 66 Old Fashioned, Blackberry infused Rum Cocktail and Strawberry infused Rum cocktails. The food menu looked pleasing as well but since everyone I was with had already eaten we went for the house made chips and dip….delish.


The Staff:

If you come to Henry’s and are looking for a great drinking experience…ask for Josh. He was most knowledgeable about the beer menu and very skilled at creating custom cocktails. I highly recommend you go for a “dealers choice”. (if you are aware this means that your bartender makes you whatever they feel like making).

Final Thoughts:

Henry’s Majestic was nothing short of a great drinking experience, but then again we were there on a Tuesday night. With the potential to get ultra hipster and douchey, I would say drink here during the week like Mon-Thurs. Overall my experience was pleasing and I will come back…Pastor Street Tacos and Bourbon cocktails….what more could you ask for?

Henry’s Majestic @ McKinney Ave, Dallas
4900 McKinney Ave, Dallas, TX 75205


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