When it comes to travel we all want more legroom, better service, free meals and entertainment right? Lets face it, first class is hard to beat but most of us dont have the deep pockets to fund such an experience. So we’ve figured out how to get the most Virgin Experience for your dollar.


Here’s How:

  • 1. Book your flight on www.virginamerica.com as you normally would. We recommend waiting for the Monday/Tuesday sale email before we grab seats, that way you always get the best fare.
  • 2. On the day of your travel you can score an upgrade when you go check in online. Depending on your status Virgin determinds how many hours before departure you can login to score an available upgrade: Gold (24hrs) Silver (12hrs) and Red (6hrs). We just got bumped to Silver so the 12 hours is a nice window to get an upgrade along with the other perks that come along with it…but to get back to the point, if you login to your account prior to departure and check-in for your flight you can then select an upgrade for a huge savings.
  • 3. Main cabin to First Class upgrades are the most expensive ($199) because you are upgrading 2 classes of service. Main Cabin to Main Cabin Select is another alternative if you need save some green and still feel like a champ ($79) and Main Cabin Select to First is only a sweet $99 upgrade.

If you do the math it breaks down like this:

  • Main Cabin Ticket price DAL to LAX is $99 each way (total of $198)
  • Main Cabin to First Class Upgrade is $199 each way (total of $398)
  • Grand total to fly VA First Class $596
If you booked First Class through VA’s website an average first class fare is $649 each way, a total of $1298. Thats a savings of over $700!

So now you know you can fly First Class (like a boss) on a budget.

It’s all about how you make it happen. Good luck out there!

If you have any questions or comments about how to do the upgrade for less feel free to tweet us @thewanderlusty or email here.