Stationed in the hustle and bustle of Seattle’s Downtown area and just steps from the waterfront is The Alexis Hotel, a modern-luxe styled hotel that is a welcoming breath of fresh air.


If you have ever been to Seattle you know downtown can be really chaotic but once we walked through the doors at The Alexis hotel we seemed to forget we where in the middle of America’s booming Tech Capitol. The doormen were friendly and the front desk staff got us checked in to our room quickly. After flying all day from Dallas (with a 3 hour layover in Los Angeles) it was nice to get into your room quickly to refresh yourself before hitting the town.

The Staff/Service:

We were absolutely dazzled by the Alexis staff, from house keeping to our room service everyone had a smile on their face and was very friendly. We definitely felt welcomed and at home at the Alexis.

The Room:

We upgraded to a suite at the hotel since it wasn’t that much more and WOW! it was worth it. Nice big room with dining table, couch, mini bar and then the bedroom was separate from the rest of the room which was nice. The entire suite feels more like an apartment rather than a hotel room which is really great when you are on the road as much as we are.
IMG_1409 IMG_1408 IMG_1407

The Bed:

The bedding was very plush and soft, your head kinda sinks in the pillows which we both really like. Bed was semi-firm which was perfect for us. The sheets slept cool so we were satisfied with everything. Only down side to the bedroom is that it is kinda small and layed out awkwardly which made the walking area around the bed rather narrow.
IMG_1411 IMG_1410

The Bathroom:

The bathroom boasted granite countertops, marble tile floors and a tub shower. The size was nice compared to the room size, the tub shower was of good size and the water was quick to get hot.

 IMG_1413 IMG_1412

Room Service:

This is a must if you stay here. The restaurant downstairs has a James Beard Award Winning Chef, so if you are a foodie then you need to eat here. We had breakfast 2 days back to back and both had the Eggs Benedict. The twist on the EB was that there was smoked ham with bbq sauce and a special hollandaise aioli which was really delicious. Overall it was excellent.

:: Special note:: The staff went out of there way while we were out and sent up our favorite cocktails to the room so when we returned from a night on the town, we had a night cap waiting in the room. Whomever is running guest services is on top of their game….


The Bookstore Bar is really a special place. Ben featured it under his Ben’s Best Bars, read it here. Since we only had room service all we can attest for is that but like we stated before the Chef is of high regard so definitely try a bite.


The WiFi was included in the room rate, decent speeds.

Bottom Line:

Would we go back?

Ben: Oh If I could go tomorrow I would, any time I’m in Seattle this is where I want to stay. Classy all the way!
Sadey:  Yes, this hotel changed my opinion of Seattle. Everything was perfect from checking in to checking out. I think this could be our “GO TO” hotel in Seattle.


-You are only about a 5 min walk from the famous Pike Fish Market.
-Go and drink at the Hotel Bar (especially during happy hour)
-Hotel is about 30-45 min cab ride from airport, about $40-$50
Check: In 3pm
Check Out: 11am
The Alexis Hotel @ Downtown Seattle
1007 1st Ave, Seattle, WA 98104
(206) 624-4844