Situated on the desolate streets of Isla Mujeres is a sign on the side of the road promises “beer so cold, it will make your teeth hurt”… This was reason enough for me to slam on the brakes and turn our golf cart into the parking area as fast as I could.

The Vibe:

Palapas positioned about, bungalows surrounding the pool area and a cool ocean breeze brushes your face. Villa La Bella is a slice of paradise with a side of amazing views.

What To Get:

We’ll the sign promoted cold beer so thats what I went for. Cerveza SOL was only $2.50 usd a bottle and I love cold Mexican beer with a lime. Sadey tried the Pina Colada which was served up in a coconut, it was actually really good. I tend think based off the quality of the Pina Colada, that all the drinks here are tasty. They had food here too, but we didn’t order any.

The Staff:

Very friendly and attentive yet kept out of our way. The staff members brought us our drinks and ice cold wash cloths for a cool down.


Final Thoughts:

Well, the beer didn’t make my teeth hurt but it sure did quench my thirst. This place was a really low-key spot to recharge and kick back. I would like to check out the rooms here. Only downside is that their exchange rate is 10 to 1, where market rate at 15.5 to 1 so my advice would be that you pay for everything in pesos to save on the house mark-up. Bottom line is I will be back.
Villa La Bella – Carretera Perimetral Al Garrafon, SMZ. 004, MZA, 091, L. 03, SL.2, 77400 Isla Mujeres, Q.R., Mexico

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