Conveniently located in Central Helsinki is the Klaus K Hotel, a posh modern deco style hotel. For our 2nd visit we opted for the new Sky Suites and as always with Klaus K – our expectations were exceeded.

Our Arrival

We arrived to the hotel late in the evening from London, so our check-in was after hours. The crisp Arctic air was cutting through our clothes as we got out of the cab. We rang the door bell and were promptly greeted by the night staff who was happy to assist in our check in.

The Staff  & Service

The Klaus K is very attentive when it comes to service. Need a bottle of water, ice
or a toiletry? They are more than happy to bring it to you. We slept in the first day and left our room around 3pm so we asked to get a late cleaning service and they were happy to send someone up, even though it was after normal room cleaning hours.


Our Room

As we exited the elevator and walked towards our room, we passed through a wall of beaded curtains to our door. Upon entry our room looked  quite spacious for European standards. The décor was upscale modern and had a split level where the bed was above the couch and TV area. All Sky Suites feature a balcony, which we couldn’t open ours the first night because it was frozen shut. (Winter in Finland can be harsh, haha.)

The Bed

The bed was positioned in the center of the upper level. The bedding was plush and comfy. Mattress was firm but not uncomfortable and it slept warm but not hot.



The Bathroom

Our bathroom featured tile floors, a wall hung vanity and shower. One of the perks of staying at the Klaus K is that they provide quality shampoo and conditioner by Malin + Goetz. We felt the bathroom was spacious and both of us could be in getting ready at the same time with out feeling crammed. This was a treat as most of our bathrooms abroad were small.

Room Service

Having eaten at the restaurant, Toscanini last December we were both excited to have room service. Our memories of the tasty Italian food were brought to life when our server delivered the food. Fresh  pastas, hand crafted meats and
artisanal cheeses really hit the spot when you’ve been traveling for over 30 days. Everything we’ve ordered from the menu here has been really good. They even let you do a 5 course tasting for room service! Only downside is their late night menu is very, VERY limited.


Sadly we didn’t drink at the hotel both of our trips but the bar looked very open and friendly. Most of our drinking in Helsinki was done at Helldone Music Festival – so needless to say we were in recovery mode during our time at KlausK.


Free Wi-Fi included with our room, the speed was decent and it was a consistent connection.


Would we go back?
Ben: Yes, I cant imagine staying in Helsinki with out staying at Klaus K Hotel.
Sadey: Definitely, Klaus K is a beautiful hotel. The welcoming staff really makes your stay enjoyable. The location really can’t be beat!


-If you can splurge on the Sky Suite, go for it, you won’t be disappointed.
-Taxi rates change their rates for day and night rides. Since the temps can be frigid, cabs will cost significantly more at night.
-Toscanini, the restaurant located downstairs is really great.
-Hotel is about 30 min cab ride from airport, so plan accordingly. Cost for the trip is around $50 euro.

Klaus K

Bulevardi 2, 00120 Helsinki, Finland
+358 207704700