It’s 7:05AM Friday Morning, the pilot mentions that we’re cruising at 35,000 feet and the stewardess walks by and ask what I’d like to drink…I’ll take an Old Fashioned, please. The puzzled look on the flight attendants face was evidence that craft cocktails and air travel simply don’t mix…until now.

Right Out of The Box

The Carry On Cocktail Kit for a proper Old Fashioned includes bitters, cane sugar, muddle spoon, and linen coaster. Right out of the tin box I had everything I needed except the booze. My kit said you can make 2 drinks and since we we’re crammed into coach, you know I needed a strong drink to deal.

An Old Fashioned is something that I hold in high regard, it’s one of those cocktails that’s really tasty or really awful. When I cracked open the seal of the bitters I knew the flavors would be right, so I tossed the sugar in and began to muddle it up.

It takes a little while to muddle your sugar in the cheap plastic cups they give you on the airplane but be patient as this will pay off in the end. Once my ingredients were blended I added the whiskey (would have preferred bourbon but they didn’t have it) and mixed it well. A few cubes of ice topped off my Old Fashioned and it was time to kick back.

The Taste & Verdict

Overall the taste was pretty good. The bitters in the kit were of high quality and the sugar was real sugar. On a scale of 1 to 5 I would rate the taste a 3.5 and the experience a 4.5, the taste would have been better if I had bourbon…but this wasn’t the kits fault.I definitely enjoyed having a Old Fashion at 35,000 feet. I should also note that I tested the Gin & Tonic kit on another leg of my flight but the cramped seats I had made it difficult to photograph but the taste of the G&T was top notch as they make a homemade tonic mix. They’ve also recently released a Moscow Mule Kit, which sounds delicious.

The Carry On Cocktail Kit’s cool factor makes it a great gift idea for any booze enthusiast. Bottom line for the money you will not find a better way to craft an Old Fashioned on the go.

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Carry On Cocktail Kit

The Carry On Cocktail Kit was gifted to The Wanderlusty by Carry On Cocktail Kit.  We love introducing new products to our readers but our opinions are our own and always BRUTALLY HONEST. <3