Prepared for every situation… my purse is a bottomless pit of everything that I or anyone could ever need at any given time. Here’s a list of my top 10 favorite things you’ll find in my purse. -Sadey

1.) skyn ICELAND Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels:

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One of the best things to fight looking like hell after jet lag or early morning flights is these little guys! They have a cooling effect which refreshes your eyes and perks you up, they also help depuff your eyes and leave your undereye looking brighter sans concealer. How I use them: I put them on as the plane starts to descend and once we’re on the ground I take them off. They’re also great to use just around the house or at work for a little pick me up! Find it HERE

2.) Smith & Cult Polish:

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I now keep a bottle Smith & Cult polish on me at all times. This polish has changed my nail game completely, it is on the pricey side but the polish is durable and takes forever to chip which means using it less which makes you feel like you’re getting what you paid for. I keep a bottle on hand incase of any breakage which is inevitable when you travel… I probably lose a tip everytime i put my bags in the overhead. How I use it: Like any other polish. Current favorite shades: Psycho Candy, Bitter Buddhist, Stockholm Syndrome, Tenderoni, and Ghost Edit. Tip: Grab a bottle of ‘Above it All’ can be used for more than a beautiful top coat, you can use it to fix a run in tights, paint it on earrings that are causing redness on your ears, and it can also fix fraying of clothes. Find it HERE

3.) Blowfish for Hangovers:

Yes, I use this for hangovers… it has replaced BC powder in our house. You really never plan on getting a hangover so this stuff is great to keep in your bag. Another reason I keep Blowfish in my bag is for Jetlag… I know, you’re thinking why would something for Hangovers be used for Jetlag?’ …It has aspirin & caffeine in it, the aspirin will help with any stiffness you may have incurred from the crammed into a little space on a long flight and or sleeping in a new bed… and the caffeine puts wakes you up which helps you get on the right time zone! How I use it: For hangovers & jet lag, I put 2 tablets into a glass of cold water, let fully dissolve and then I drink it. Find it HERE

4.) Boscia Blotting Linens:

I have combination skin… My skin gets super oily around my nose, forehead, and chin and it’s dry everywhere else… which is why I love to keep Blotting Linens handy at all times. These Boscia linens blot away excess oil without removing my makeup, which super important to any gal who spends time in the morning doing their face.

How I use them: When i notice i’m starting to get a bit shiny, i dab a linen on my face, Don’t rub them against your face.. this will remove your makeup. Find it HERE

5.) Province Apothecary Repairing & Conditioning Lip Balm:

This little guy is so compact that it even fits in my wallet which is a major plus! I like to wear liquid lipsticks on a regular basis, this dries my lips even more when i’m traveling. This lip balm has been a life saver for my lips, it hydrates my lips and the peppermint is amazingly refreshing.  How I use it: Use all day, every day… swipe across lips and you’re done. Tip: Lip products that have peppermint in them actually help cool you down during the summer… and will add to the freeze during the winter! FIND IT HERE

6.) Zip & Flip Penguin Head Pillow:

Yes, this may be for children but I LOVE IT! I love that it’s multi use… at first glance it just looks like a stuffed penguin toy… but when you unzip it and flip it inside out it becomes a full on travel pillow… It’s super comfy and forms to your neck perfectly. When it’s in normal penguin form, i use it to rest my head against the window, etc. It has a clip on the top of it’s cute little head that perfectly clips to any back pack, purse strap or luggage strap which makes it easy to tote around. How I use it: I clip it onto the back of the seat pocket so that it stays with me on flights instead of going into the overhead bin and easy access. Find it HERE

7.) Sole Serum:

I will NOT travel with out this stuff! I love Sole Serum so much it’s not even funny! It’s been a lifesaver so many times since I got it!  During flights, before heading out on a long day of adventuring, before concerts.. and anytime I know that I’ll be on my feet for an extended period of time. How I use it: I rub Sole Serum on my feet a few minutes before heading out, allowing a minute or so for it to dry before i put on my shoes and completing avoiding touching the ground with my feet. When I use it on a flight I put it on before putting on some socks and it helps relax my tired feet. Find it HERE

8.) Pinch Provision Minimergency Kit:

This little kit pretty much has it all. If you are accident prone, this kit is a must… even if you’re not accident prone, i’m sure someone who you travel with is accident prone and it’s always cool to be the one who saves the day with a band aid! How I use it: There’s so many ways to use this kit… It’s got everything from breath freshener to bandaids to a mini sewing kit. Bonus: They have a style & color to fit any personality and it’s also available in a Men’s Version. Find the Minimergency Kit HERE

9.) LA Fresh Assorted Wipes:

These are neat… and necessary. They take up little space in my bag and are handy in most situations.. If I need to remove my makeup, there’s a wipe for that… Getting harassed by mosquitos… there’s a wipe for that. My favorite is the Instant Body Soother… these were heavenly when we we’re heading in from a long day at sea in Mexico… we wiped these on our hot skin and instantly we felt refreshed! How I use them: On hot days, i keep these in the ice cooler then use them on my legs, arms, chest, neck and face! If you want to cool down even more, wrap them around a piece of ice and wipe across skin! Find them HERE

10.) Sunglasses:

I carry on average 4 pairs of sunglasses with me at any given time. Now while this may seem excessive to a lot of people… I feel that sunglasses are one of the greatest accessories you can have. I take one high end pair, like my Celine’s sunnies, one funky pair like from Gasoline Glamour (pictured), and 2 budget pairs like from ZeroUV or Freyrs.