1) The Layover with Anthony Bourdain – Travel Channel

We absolutely love watching Bourdain and his cynical satire. Anthony’s straightforward storytelling lets you get the information you want without all the unnecessary fluff. Best part about the show is that he lists where to stay, how to get around, what to eat etc.

2) Delicious Destinations – Travel Channel

Andrew Zimmern is known for his anything goes appetite, however on this show you get a foodie play by play on where to get some great food. Yes we still get grossed out when he eats something unorthodox, but it’s worth the unique eats that one might not know to look for.

3) Best Bars In America – Esquire Network

This has to be one of our favorite shows, because they list ingredients on the drinks they taste – so you can try to make them at home. The show is cohosted by two comedians which keeps the style upbeat and the hosts get hammered on screen,  which holds our attention.