Looking to eat your way across the globe but don’t have the funds? No worries! We’ve found 4 subscription boxes that provide the taste-of-travel and are conveniently delivered to your home! Best of all….they’re much cheaper than an economy ticket around-the-world. <3


DEKAbox by Skoshbox – Flavors of Japan at your Doorstep

Skoshbox has different boxes to choose from:

Original Skoshbox

Skoshbox fits into PO Boxes and Dorm Mailboxes. The Skoshbox has several sample sized Japanese treats and is the more economical box that they offer.
Skoshbox Subscriptions start at $10 a month.


DEKAbox is a full 1lb of full size Japanese treats and surprises. This is perfect for a gift and for families as there really is something for everyone. In the DEKAbox we received (pictured above), we got 8 treats and 1 surprise. The treats ranged from Do-It-Yourself style candies to Cookie sticks and the surprise was a KURONEKO cat shaped screen cleaner. Our favorites in the box were: Puccho Vitamin Gold Candy, Fizzy Lemony Lime Candies which are packed with several vitamins including vitamin b1 & b6 & b2 & b12. The Caplico Giant Strawberry Cone which was like freeze dried Ice Cream in a real ice cream cone. The Honey Nut Pretz Sticks were yummy, very similar to Pocky and the first things to go. The was only one thing we REALLY didn’t care for was the Bake: Cream Cheese Bites…we we’re expecting something like Cheesecake and we were defininely surprised to find that they taste more like the powdered cheese you get in Mac & Cheese.
DEKAbox Subscriptions start at $20 a month.




BoCandy – Candy from Around the World

BOCANDY is a great box for anyone who wants to explore the flavors of the world. BOCANDY boxes come monthly and are packed full with candies and treats (around 6-9 items in the full size box, 3-4 items in the half size box) from practically every continent. In this Full Sized BOCANDY box  (pictured above) we received: A ƀopoȴeų bar (Bulgaria) which reminded us of cookies and cream with a slight taste of coffee but in wafer … think of an oversized kit kat, YUM! Rockaleta Lollipop (Mexico) is not your average pop… this has 4 layers of slightly spicy and citrusy lollipop wrapped around a gum center… it is not for everyone, but we enjoyed it! LUCAS SALSAGHETI (Mexico) this one immediately threw us off and we both didn’t want to try it at first, but we were happy we did. The flavor was Mango with a spicy sauce and was very similar to the texture of Sour Punch StrawsDutch Wine Gums (Netherlands) kinda tasted like different fruits but the flavor was just okay but just not for us. Ramune Soda Fizzy Candy, is a Japanese Soda which was a favorite in the house. A sweet-n-sour take on soda pop!  Wai Lana Luau BBQ Cassava Pops (Hawaii), these things are freakin’ delicious!!! They are a low calorie, pop style chips made from Cassava (Yuca Root) and flavored with a sweet-n- tangy bbq flavor. Wish we had another bag of these! And last but certainly not least Glorias  Dulce De Leche Con Nuez (Mexico)… Oh my god. These are amazing little nuggets of Caramel and Pecan perfection. The center of the candy melts in your mouth while the outside provides a nutty texture, perfectly balanced. 
BOCANDY Subscriptions starting at $11/month – Full Size & starting at $8.08/month – Half Size




AlohaCrate – A Taste of the Islands

Every month a little box of joy arrives at our doorstep and when the Aloha Crate arrives, our excitement can hardly be contained. Sometimes we don’t even get to take a photo of the beautifully thought out box, because an item in the box looks too good to wait. In this box we received: KAJ’S Wasabi Grean Peas… these little peas hit your taste buds with a powerful punch that can only be wasabi. They’re a great snack but in our house theres a divide over wasabi… Ben LOVES wasabi and Sadey HATES wasabi… So Ben got to enjoy the whole bag to himself. Mango White Chocolate Fudge Sauce, wow! This fudge sauce it incredible… like nothing else we’ve tasted before. It’s great on toast! Try it, you won’t be disappointed! Hula Girl Sugar, perfect little packages to sweeten coffee or tea. We love the fact that the sugar comes from one of the last remaining Sugar Mills left Hawaii! Mauna Loa Mac Nut Trio… when we saw these.. the excitement was hard to contain! We love macadamia nuts. The trio included Milk Chocolate Covered Macs, Dry Roasted Macs and Maui Onion & Garlic Macs. All we’re delicious but the chocolate covered ones were our favorites! Lastly, the Maui Style Potato Chips in the flavor Maui Onion are perfectly crisp and delicious! Yum!
Aloha Crate Subscriptions are available monthly for $14.95 

Aloha Crate



Candy German – Authentically German

The Candy German box is really great and offers a wide range of products from candies to cookies which we really appreciated. In this box we received: Dittmeyer’s Valensina Sauer, candy chews that are very tasty and sour.. similar to Now and Laters. There are 4 flavors in the bag, apple, grapefruit, raspberry and black currant… the black currant was a personal favorite. Corny Apfel-Kuchen Bars… one word… TASTY! These are a great snack or on-the-go breakfast…the apple flavor was really good. We will defininently be buying some more Corny bars! Dr. Oetker Schoko & Zitrone Cakes… chocolate cake or lemon cake? Which one would you choose? We shared, tried both and decided they were both equally moist and delicious! The lemon cake did stand-out as it was a perfect balance of sweet and tart! Bahlsen Happy Cakes… these are so good… very moist and flavorful. Prinzen Rolle Feine Caramel Creme … anything caramel in our house is usually a winner and these were no exception. The caramel is packed between 2 thin delicious biscuits and is a perfect late night snack or great in the morning with coffee or tea. Lastly in the box was Haribo Gummy Bears & Karneval Gummies, these are pretty common and available here in the states. We’re huge fans of Haribo and the gummies we received were just as yummy as any we have here.

Candy German Box subscriptions start at $27 monthly

Candy German Box



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