Selfie Sticks have become a necessity for all travelers, making capturing the perfect moment easier than ever. We’ll admit we weren’t supporters of the selfie stick phenomenon in the beginning, but after using several of them we started understanding why everyone was using them. With selfie sticks you no longer have to ask a complete stranger to take a photo of you in front of the eiffel tower or anywhere else, which is horribly awkward. You now have complete control of capturing the perfect shot of yourself or even a group of people in one simple click.

With so many selfie sticks showing up on the market we decided to test out some of the top 4 brands and put them into what we’re calling the Selfie Stick Showdown. Four selfie sticks will enter, but only one will exit and earn the title of the Superior Selfie Stick.


Everyday Selfie

The Everyday Selfie stick is lightweight, offers built in bluetooth and fit many smart phones including iPhones & Androids. We liked the sleek black design and adjustable holder making it easy to switch between our phones (iPhone 5s & 6). The stick itself extends quite far which makes taking group shots easy and allows you to get in a large amount of the scenery.


Longest Extension 44 inches

Fits Most Smartphones


Sleek Black Design

Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery

No APP is needed.


Noticeable phone battery drainage from bluetooth usage

Requires Charging after several uses

Everyday Selfie is a little pricier than other options on the market

Price: $34.99

Available on Amazon: Everyday Selfie


The Selfie Stick Stealth

The Selfie Stick Stealth is super compact folding down to just under 8 inches making it one of the lightest selfie sticks on the market. We love the fact that this selfie stick FOLDS down into itself… it’s not like others where the holder has to be unscrewed for storage. The small size makes it ideal for travelers who already have limited space in their bags. Now when you put the Stealth to use it can reach up to 35 inches in length, perfect for capturing images a far distances or above crowds.


Super Compact Design that can fit in your pocket


Stylish Black & Gold Design

One Click Photo Taking


Noticeable battery drainage from bluetooth usage

The Stealth model is a little more pricey than other options on the market

Price: Prices Range from $9.99 – $34.99

The Stealth model is currently out of stock but the GoTech ION Bluetooth Selfie Stick is similar.

Available here:



Pulling the Extend-N-Click out of the box you notice this not like your typical selfie stick. The design is unique and fun. It’s designed to fit iPhones 4, 5, & 6 and has a comfortable contoured grip. The Extend-n-Click selfie stick like the Selfie Stick also folds down to 8 inches but only extends to 35 inches. We like the fact that it is not bluetooth but plugged in therefore not pulling battery life from our phones. We feel this stick would be best for for tweens and young adults.


Wired instead of Bluetooth

Easy to Use

Folds down to 8 inches

Fun Design

Economical Price


Bulky Handle

Will not fit larger smart phones

Price: from $19.95 and up

Available on Amazon: EXTEND N CLICK PRO Black & EXTEND-N-CLICK White Butterfly


Selfie on a Stick

The simple yet functional design of the Selfie on a Stick makes it one of the easiest selfies sticks to use. It’s adjustable clamps fit most smart phones on the market and even some digital cameras. We love that it’s wired, you simply plug it to your phone and shoot. The long extension (42.5 inches) makes hard to capture images super easy.



Long Extension

Slim Foldable Design

Available in several colors


The overall size is a bit longer than others.

Phones need to be operating the latest OS

Price: $24.99

Available here:





While we enjoyed using all the selfie sticks, the Selfie on a Stick & The Selfie Stick Stealth we’re our favorites. All of the selfie sticks are quality made and do exactly what they’re meant to do… which is to make taking photographs easier on the user. When it comes down to it, theres a selfie stick for everyone out there and this was fun experiment to test out the top selfie sticks on the market!