When we’re on the go, we’re always in need for a way stabilize our cameras to get that perfect shot. Not all tripods are created equal and we’ve been looking for something that will conform to the landscape we’re shooting – rather than the other way around. Enter the JOBY GorillaPod Action Tripod & GripTight stand, lightweight and portable devices that are great for GoPro, iPhones and our Sony A5100.


When our JOBY box arrived we were both excited to get our hands on these pods as we needed something rugged and versatile for our trip to Isla Mujeres. The GorillaPod worked great as a mount for our GoPro on the golf kart we rented as transportation and it allowed us to get some solid driving footage. Another cool thing that came with our setup was an iPhone Adapter, this was perfect for shooting selfies when we are walking the cliffs of Punta Sur. The flexible legs of the pod made it easy to level out the camera. We found the level on the camera base is a nice touch and the swivel base to be smooth. We even shot a few pictures that you would need a standard tripod for, thus proving that the Action Tripod can do simple or adventure style mounts.


Overall we’re quite impressed with the quality of JOBY’s products and for the price there really is a lot of value. After using our GorillaPod Action Tripod & GripTight stand on 3 different trips we definitely feel that they have earned a permanent spot in our travel bag.

GorillaPod by JOBY
Adaptive Camera Tripod

GorillaPod Action Tripod & GripTight Stand was gifted to The Wanderlusty by JOBY. We love introducing new products to our readers but our opinions are our own and always BRUTALLY HONEST. <3

Photo via: www.JOBY.com