PlugBug World Review

Travel Adapter Made For iMac


The PlugBug World is a 2.1 Amp USB charger that attaches to your Macbook Power Adapter. The cool thing about this product is that it works in pretty much any major country and allows you to charge your laptop and mobile device simultaneously. Once you connect the device you can select one of five different plugs to accommodate your location – UK, Europe, North America, Australia and Asia.
 plugbug world review


Upon opening the box if was clear that The PlugBug World is a quality made product, all pieces and plugs fit together nicely and everything was secure. We found it easy to connect the plug to the base. The device charged Ben’s Macbook Air as it normally would and the usb conveniently let us charge our GoPro (or any usb device). Another plus is that the PB includes a small bag to keep all the plugs together when your on the go


One thing we know we’ll love about this device is the fact that the travel adapter connects directly to the Macbook Power Base… You see, our number one issue while traveling is that once you plug in a travel adapter and add your Macbook charger the whole combination becomes very heavy and most Euro plugs dont support the weight. As you can imagine we’ve had some interesting methods of making the combo work, but now The PlugBug World will solve this issue. Overall this is a well made product that actually solves a legitimate problem for frequent fliers. We like it!
plugbug world review
PlugBug World was gifted to The Wanderlusty by Twelve South.  We love introducing new products to our readers but our opinions are our own and always BRUTALLY HONEST. <3 All photos courtesy of PlugBlug.