8 Things to Do Isla Mujeres

So you’ve made it to Cancun and you’re looking for something to do. Why not check out the breathtaking island of Isla Mujeres. The island can be reached by taking a short ferry from Tortuga Beach if you’re staying in the Hotel Zone or by catching the ferry from the Puerto Juarez – both are easily accessible by taxi or bus. Below is a list off our 8 Favorite Things to Do In Isla Mujeres.

  • 1. TORTUGRANJA-The Turtle Farm

Tortugranja is run by a non-profit organization that helps rehabilitate injured Sea Turtles and hatch eggs to keep healthy turtle numbers in the ocean. The farm features Sea Turtles in various stages of their lives from hatchlings to full grown elder turtles. Tortugranja has an indoor area that has several tanks with turtles swimming about and a few outside behind the building with larger species. You will be able to buy “turtle food” for a few peso’s if you want to feed these docile creatures.

Tortugranja is only a 10-15min drive from Downtown and well worth the $40 peso entrance fee, this conservation effort alone is worth the donation. Please be sure to tip the friendly old man who works the sea creature tank, he is more than happy to let you hold Urchins, Starfish or a Couch for a photo op.

  • 2. PLAYA NORTE-Relaxation With An Ocean Breeze

Known for its pristine white sand beaches and breath taking sunsets, Playa Norte (North Beach) is Isla Mujeres’ most popular beach. Since Play Norte is so popular it is also the most crowded, we recommend that you arrive around 9am to find that perfect spot. You can book a message and relax in a private cabana or rent an umbrella with chairs for the day. Playa Norte is located just a short walk from the central ferry station and steps from Downtown Isla.

  • 3. PUNTA SUR-Breathtaking Ocean Views

Punta Sur (south point) is one of the most picturesque places on Isla Mujeres. Be sure to bring your camera to capture the breath taking ocean views. Every time we come to Isla Mujeres we still take time to stop at Punta Sur…it is that beautiful. Entrance into the park is only $30 pesos or ($2usd) and totally worth it. ::FYI:: Punta Sur happens to be the hottest part of the whole island, so if you go mid-day you must bring bottled water, trust us it is….HOT! Best times of the day to go would be for Sunrise or Sunset. See our full review of here.
  • 4. GARRAFON- The Natural Reef Park

Located on the Southern point of the island is Garrafon Park, which features snorkeling, zip lines and a private beach. You could spend an entire day here as they have a beach club with food as well. We stopped by the park and decided to take a ride on the Zip Lines – cruising right over the water!  The price to rip the zip was $30 usd per person (totally worth it!) and the tour lasted about 30 minutes which included a short briefing prior to flying on the lines.

  • 5. MUSA MUESO- Underwater Art Installation

30 feet (about 10 m) under the Aqua Blue waters of the Caribbean Sea is one of our favorite Things to Do In Isla Mujeres… Musa – a man made reef that consists of concrete statues. These underwater works of art create a great place to see marine life and view how reefs are formed. Tours of Musa are available for snorkeling or scuba diving and the cost differs depending on which company you go out with. Without question you should scuba dive Musa as it is hard to see the all of the statues on the top of the water. Words cannot describe how ominous and surreal the statues look up close. We felt like we discovered a lost underwater civilization and each character looks as if he was frozen in time. Our scuba tour was with CASA DE BUECO and we highly recommend Pablo and his staff.

  • 6. JOYSXEE- Floating Bottle Island

You may be asking yourself, an island made of water bottles? No way! Thats exactly what we thought, but after seeing it for ourselves and chatting with locals it became clear that there really is someone out there crazy enough to build their own island out of plastic bottles. Joysxee is accessible by driving South towards the end of the island and then cutting a hard right towards Dolphin Discovery. Once you arrive to the floating island you can tour the house for a small fee or take pictures from the dock. We didn’t personally see the inside of the place but did talk with the owner for a few moments. We also passed the island a few times when we did diving tours and we must say it is definitely unique, especially the way it absorbs the shock of the boat wake.

  • 7. DEEP SEA FISHING- Finding Fishing Off Isla

The fishing off Isla Mujeres is a great way to spend a day in the islands. Tuna, Wahoo, Sailfish, Marlin and Mahi-Mahi are just a few of the types of game fish that swim these waters. We’ve been fishing this area for years and always have a great time. While there are serval companies offering deep sea fishing off of Isla Mujeres, we recommend going with On Isla Mujeres Water Tours with Jorge De La O. Jorge’s professionalism and knowledge of the fishing grounds are unrivaled with the competition.

  • 8. SWIMMING WITH WHALE SHARKS- Snorkeling With Sea Giants

For an experience that you’ll never forget you should defiantly seek out taking a Whale Shark Tour. The warm coastal waters of Cancun offer rich plankton deposits. During during the months of May-September, Whale Sharks migrate these waters in large numbers – over 500 Whale Sharks have been spotted in the water at the same time! Since the Mexican Government protects these gentle giants, only a select number of boats are allowed “legally” to visit the migration grounds. Be selective about whom you book with as not everyone has the proper government documentation.  Our top pick would be the highly rated On Isla Mujeres Water Tours with Jorge De La O.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide for Things to Do In Isla Mujeres, if you have any questions or places you’ve been to that are noteworthy shoot us an email or comment below. Remember….Adventure is out there!