The Vibe:

Kitchy decor, knick knacks, and old taxidermy all grace the walls of the Double Wide. The vibe here is upscale trailer park meets Cletus’s Shack (see Simpson’s Reference) with a side your distant relatives hunting cabin. Depending on the time of day you may find yourself in a low key bar or a jam packed music venue. An installation of graffitied toilets line the wall outside and yet you will find yourself sitting on them like they are chairs.


What To Get:

The white trash themed menu has many trailer park legends such as: Yoo-Hoo Yee-Haw, Boone’s Farm Martini and the DANG Shot.  The beer selection goes from Deep Ellum Brewery to Schlitz and everywhere in between.



Final Thoughts:

The Double Wide Dallas is truly an experience and one must see it in person to fully understand this place. It is not often that you will discover Trailer Trash, Hipsters, Rockers and Basics all under one roof – this is what makes DW an unique Dallas Gem.  You have to check out Double Wide at least once in your life and pay homage to your inner Hillbilly.

Double Wide

3510 Commerce Street, Dallas, Texas 75226
(214) 887-6510

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