Industrial meets residential on the inner city streets of Big D and at the epicenter of it all is a great dive bar – known as Lee Harveys Dallas. Upon exiting the cab it was clear… I had found my second home.

The Vibe:

Soon as we walked in the door, I immediately felt as if Doc Brown had picked us up in his Delorian and gunned it to 88 -was it 2015 or 1969? The preservation of the 60’s decor here is quite impressive…even more impressive was the fact that  the jukebox spins only classic tunes – with unlimited free play! The patio area boasts loads of seating with communal tables so you always meet someone new. On our trip we met a few locals who raise chickens in the neighborhood – she even brought her pet chicken to LH.



What To Get:

As far as the cocktails go, we kept it simple…I opted for a shot of Jack and Miller Light, others in my group went for jack-n-coke. The pickle backs here were also good. As far as food goes we didn’t eat during our visit to Lee Harvey’s because we had been at The Great Food Truck Rally  – hence we were all stuffed….but the food we saw looked good so I’ll make sure to update it when I return.



Final Thoughts:

Very few times do you find a place that makes you feel at home and  as far as Lee Harvey’s goes – it was love at first sight! LH’s great drinking atmosphere, interesting people and cheap drink prices make it a top pick on my list of places to go in Dallas.  I’ll be back soon – ready for good times and to check out the food.

Lee Harvey’s

1807 Gould St, Dallas, TX 75215
(214) 428-1555

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