Las Vegas is one of our favorite cities to visit… well, it’s a love hate sort of relationship to be completely honest. Being prepared for your Las Vegas trip is extremely important and it all begins with packing your suitcase! Below is a list of What To Pack For Las Vegas.

1.) Never Too Hungover

nevertooThis hangover prevention drink is a miracle in a bottle and is a must have for any Las Vegas trip. Going for the weekend? Bring a 6 pack of Never too Hungover… and use it like so: Drink one right before you head out, pack one in your purse or in a pocket and drink it half way through the night. We also like to end the night with one shot of Never too Hungover just for good measure. When you awake in the morning you should feel nearly 100% and if you still don’t feel great, reach for # 6 on the list. Get it here!

2.) Sunglasses

SUNNIESThis should be obvious… It doesn’t matter when you are going to Las Vegas, sunglasses are a necessity. They block the sun and the right pair can also hide your morning after “tired eyes”. Great shops to check out for inexpensive but stylish sunglasses are: &


Go For a funky pair of sunglasses from Gasoline Glamour

3.) Sole Serum

SOLEThis product is amazing!!! We apply a little of Sole Serum on our feet before heading out for some major casino hopping and it helps reduce the ache of walking all day! When we finish our night we’ll rub a little more on our feet before bed and it numbs the aches right away! Get it here!

4.) Comfortable Shoes

SHOESWalking and Las Vegas go hand in hand. Those cute new stilettos may look amazing but your feet will hate you after about a block. If heels are a must, try to wear a lower heel pair that have been previously broken in. Opt for pretty flats if heading to the clubs. Planning on just casino hopping? Sandals and Flip Flops are great or a pair of motorcycle boots add instant style without taking away comfort. Add a pair Superfeet Carbon Insoles for extra protection and comfort!

5.) Band-Aid Friction Blister Block Stick

BANDSadey can’t leave home without this… it’s a great multiuse item. If you failed to listen to tip #4 and your shoes are rubbing you the wrong way. Swipe this stick on the problem area and it will create and instant anti friction block. This is also great for when wearing skirts .. it will prevent your inner thighs from rubbing together. Thank me later! Get it here!

6.) Blowfish & Advil (Individual Packets)

BLOWFISHThe Blowfish has 2 benefits to it, one is that it can be used to combat jet lag for those coming from far distances to Las Vegas. The second use is for a hangover cure, this should be used the morning after drinking when that hangover has got you confined to your room… Blowfish will help ease the hangover symptoms and you’ll be ready to start the day in no time! Advil is a given, keep these individual packets handy in your purse for when that unexpected headache or pain occurs. Get it here & here

7.) Sleep Mask

SLEEPYes, most of the hotels have black out curtains but if your sharing your room with friends or your significant other, they’re able to turn on lights and start their day (quietly) while you continue your beauty rest which is a win win situation! We’re loving this beautiful sleep mask from Hello Holiday

8.) Airborne Vitamin C 1000mg

airAll we can say is that these are a must. Take Airborne or another Vitamin C every morning before starting the day to help prevent getting sick while in Las Vegas. Get it here!

9.) Purell Hand Sanitizer with Clip

purellThink about it, you’re touching everything from slot machines to casino chips, and thousands of people have touched them too. You’ll want to keep your hands germ free as much as you can. While #8 will help prevent sickness also using a hand sanitizer further decreases the likeliness of getting sick. Get it here!

10.) Tylt Energi Sliding Power Case

tylyWe love the TYLT phone case for 2 reasons, it helps protect our phone when/if we drop it and it also provides a full charged battery for those late nights when we can’t get to a charger. Get it here!

11.) Valid Government Issued ID

licenseIf you are plan on drinking, gambling, clubbing, hanging out in the casinos and even checking out some of the pools you’ll need to be atleast 21 years of age and be able to prove it. This is where you will need a Valid Government Issued ID (non expired). One of the following is acceptable: U.S. state identification card, U.S. drivers license or for the non US citizens you’ll need a current passport. You will get carded often, even if you look older than 21.

12.) CASH

moneyCash is everything in Las Vegas and a pretty obvious thing to bring with you but you would be shocked to find out that many people actually forget it and opt to pull out cash from the ATM. Big mistake, the fees are super high inside the casinos and clubs so make sure you bring enough cash with you to gamble and tip. Keeping around $20-$30 in ones in your wallet or purse is a good place to start, you’ll need them to tip everyone from the cocktail waitress while gambling to the bell hops. Yes, tipping is standard practice in Las Vegas and you will notice a difference in the quality of service you get by tipping versus not tipping.

13.) Appropriate Clothing options

clothesIf you plan on spending every day pool side, you’ll want to pack swim suits and cover ups. If your more into eating at the finest restaurants Las Vegas has to offer, you’ll want to pack formal / cocktail attire. Clubbing more your scene? Each night club has their own dress code so do some research before packing… you’ll more than likely find that some articles of clothing won’t fly for both gals and dudes. Check the 10 day forecast prior to packing aswell… most people think the desert is just hot and dry and that couldn’t be further from the truth. While Las Vegas is hot during the summers, the evenings can get much cooler than expected. The winters usually call for cool weather attire such as pants and a sweater… No real need to bring that snow coat as the snow usually stays high up in the surrounding mountains.

14.) Rohto Eye Drops

rohtoWe like to carry eye drops with me when I travel especially in Vegas. The air inside the casinos is harsh from the cigarette smoke and it usually causes my eyes to be really dry. Rohto eye drops feel like tiny little icebergs on your eyes when you first put them in but then become super refreshing! Get it here

15.) Selfie On A Stick

selfieWe caved. We’ve jumped on the selfie stick band wagon. A selfie stick is a must have for Las Vegas. You’ll need it for the endless amounts of photos you’ll be taking. We prefer the ‘Selfie on a Stick’, we love the fact that it’s wired which means it’s not sucking the battery life on your phone through bluetooth. Just remember ‘What happens in Vegas, Goes on Social Media! 😉 Get it here!

Pack all this in:

ESPEROS Weekend Warrior Bag

esperosWe both love this bag, it’s the perfect size bag and it’s big enough to fit all the necessities for a great weekend in Las Vegas. What makes it great is that it fits in the overhead bin on the plane but it’s also durable enough to check it. We’ve actually checked this bag several times and it’s showing no wear and tear. This really showcases the quality of the ESPEROS line. Get it here!

Pick this up when you arrive:

waterWater – Stop at a gas station or Walgreens on your way from the airport (taxis will stop for you, just be quick.. that meter is running) and pick up a case of water. The water inside most of the hotels are $5+ and nobody got time for that. Oh, and don’t even think about drinking the water from the tap, the tap water in Las Vegas is notoriously disgusting. We’ll admit that we have forgotten this tip our selves and regretted it upon receiving our check out bill.