Singapore Airlines Suites Review

As we’re walking up to the Singapore Airlines counter, we start scanning the signs for the classes to find the “Suites” line, then it suddenly hits us… we’re really going to fly in the coveted Singapore Suites. The moment you are greeted by the ticketing desk, you already know this is going to be unlike any other flight we’ve ever taken. Check in was quick and painless, they checked our bags and we made our way to security which at LAX is always chaos, but we were in the Priority Lane which meant little to no waiting.
At check in we were informed that we had been invited to the Star Alliance First Class Lounge prior to our departure. The first class lounge is quiet but a nice change from the business class lounge next door which was quite chaotic. We had about an hour to relax,  grab a quick snack and prepare for our 12 hour journey across the Pacific. Around 20 minutes prior to our departure the stewardess comes over and lets us know it is time to begin boarding our flight to Tokyo. Having never flown with Singapore Airlines we were both excited to see what their Suites had to offer as well as the first class service we’ve heard so much about. As we cruised down the terminal and arrive at our gate we found a designated entrance for the Suite Passengers. Upon entering the jet bridge we we’re greeted by name, an attendant took our bags and walked us to our seats.
 singapore airlines suites review

Living The Suite Life

As soon as we set our eyes on the First Class/Suites area it was love at first sight! The fully decked out, front section of the plane felt more like an upscale hotel than an airline. Each “suite” featured a large seat, desk area, 19” tv, visitor seating area and 3 walls with a door that closed off your capsule from the rest of the suites. Minds blown!  After taking our seats we were treated to Dom P. as we met with our butler and crew leader. The captain stopped by to talk with us about our flight and wish us a pleasant journey. Talk about living large!
singapore airlines suites review
Meal service began shortly after takeoff – it  featured a full 7 coarse Japanese meal or a 4 coarse international meal. We both chose a different meal so we could try it all! The food was just as amazing as the suites themselves. Everything from the apps to the entrees were served in harmony. The highlight was the fresh Tuna Sashimi, Swordfish and Japanese Beef.
Entertainment fell nothing short of extrodanary in our suites as we found over 100 movies ranging from new releases, old favorites and some still at the box office. You truly get spoiled to watching them on your large 19” monitor. We have to note here the headphones, are Bose Noise Cancelling Phones exclusively for Singapore Airlines and extremely comfortable to wear.

singapore airlines suites review

Nap Time

5 hours into the 12 hour flight we both started to get a little sleepy and thought a good nap was in order. We changed into our sleep suits and the staff happily came over and converted our 2 seat suite into a full size bed! Thats right, sleeping like a freaking king at 35,000 feet! The bed was surprising comfortable for being fully compact and there was a great deal of space. We even were able to snuggle up a little too! Only down side was that the plane is kept pretty warm which left us a little overheated.
singapore airlines suites review

Final Thoughts

Overall the entire flight was nothing short of amazing. From the staff to the food and the service – nothing was compromised on quality. Luckily for us we snagged these sweet seats at a great deal using only our American Express Miles (149,000 for the 2 of us!). Flying Singapore Suites is definitely the way to go if you have the cash or miles to burn. We are so looking forward to flying them again on our leg from Singapore to London. More photos to come! Happy Travels!