Wanderlusty Layover: The Hong Kong Travel Guide

Hong Kong Travel Guide

Hong Kong a place thats technically part of mainland China but really not as they have there own laws and the internet actually works. How do you describe such a unique place? One word sums it up for us…beautiful. Below is our Hong Kong Travel Guide: Where to Eat, Where to Stay and What to Do while in Hong Kong -one of Asia’s Top Layover Destinations.

Getting Around

Since traffic is always bad, the MTR is your best friend for transportation in and around Hong Kong. From the airport you can catch the Airport Express Line and be in central Hong Kong 25 mins later. For a more efficient metro experience get yourself an Octopus card. The MTR’s Octopus card costs approx $150 HKD ($50 deposit and $100 preloaded fare). You can also buy food and drinks at every metro station with your O-Card which makes life even easier. The metro is color coded and offers station names in English for ease of getting around. With your O-Card you can also access buses and the Star Line ferry. Cabs are plentiful around Hong Kong but we only took one to and from the airport.

Where To Stay

where to stay in hong kong

Hong Kong is broken into a series of islands and peninsulas. The major areas are Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and The New Territories. No matter where you stay you can easily get around on the metro. For our trip we chose Kowloon because of the proximity to things we wanted to do. For our accommodations we chose Hotel Icon for their modern decor, high end of service and amazing views of the Bay. See our review here.

What To Do

hong kong guide

One of the things that makes Hong Kong great is it offers so many things to do. From night markets, temples, shopping and more – there really is something for everyone in Hong Kong. A few things that we think  are not to be missed are: Victoria Harbour (especially at night), The Big Buddha (buy your tickets online-save over 2 hours of queuing to by tickets), The Chi Lin Nunnery, The Peak (tram to top), Riding the Star Ferry at Night, Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery, and seeing the famous Stilt Houses of Lantau Island in the Sunny Bay area.

temple of 10,000 monks

What to Eat

hong kong guide- mango drinks

Hong Kong is a melting pot of cultures – Chinese, Malaysian, Thai, Japanese and Indian food all have strong influences on cuisine. One of the best known items to try is Crispy Pork and Crispy Duck. Dim Sum – Hong Kong has long been known as the top Dim Sum place in the world. There are several places to get Dim Sum in the city and we suggest you go out and try a few so you can experience this truly unique style of food. Lastly if you love Mangos as much as we do, then you got to try a Coconut Mango Smoothie at Hui Lau Shan, don’t forget to add boba or jellies! Delicious!

Overall Hong Kong is a great place to start any vacation or to stop for a layover. We can’t wait to come back and explore all the things this wonderful city has to offer. We hope you’ve enjoyed our Hong Kong Travel Guide and Remember….Adventure is Out There!