Wanderlusty Layover: The Bangkok Travel Guide

bangkok travel guide
Welcome to Bangkok, a place where anything can happen, a place where if you can manifest the concept then you can have it, a place of beauty and a place of absolute madness! This city is what you make of it and below in our Bangkok Guide we go over how to get around, what/where to eat, where to stay and what to do. Although somethings are better left up to imagination…

Getting around:
From Airport to City Center our cab cost us only $400 THB or about $11 USD and takes about 30mins + depending on traffic. Contrary to popular belief, Taxis are the best way to get around in Bangkok compared to infamous Tuk Tuk. The reason taxis get our vote is because most of them use a meter to charge fare vs the flat rate negation fare type – this comes in handy for newbies to the area that may not be familiar to what a reasonable fare should cost. Tuk Tuk’s are definitely worth a ride just for the experience but keep the distance short to get the best deal, our recommendation is to take what ever fare they offer you and immediately divide it by 3 and hold your ground, you’ll get it for what you asked for.
Where to Stay:
First off, there are 2 main areas you should consider when searching for your new home away from home, Riverfront/Canal Front or Centrally located off the Kuh Mo Soi Ave. Bangkok is a backpackers travelers heaven with many hostels and cheap hotels available, but for the rest of us it means we can scoop up a 5 Star Resort for a fraction of what it costs back home. For example the Shangri-La Bangkok is a mere $250 a night compared to the steep $600 rate in Los Angeles. When it came to our digs, we choose the highly rated Banyan Tree Hotel near Central Bangkok and were both impressed with the level of service, location and amenities.
bangkok travel guide
What to do:
Traffic in Bangkok can be an absolute nightmare so planning your itinerary around rush hour is just as important as picking what sights to see. Our top picks for must see attractions in Bangkok are: The Grand Palace, Temple of Reclining Buddha, The Golden Buddha Temple, Temple of Emerald Buddha, Flower Market, Canal Tours and The Floating Market. The Ka So Duah Market(train market or shrinking umbrella market) is also a nice place to see how locals get their food, although the train is currenlty operating in that area there are still lots of things to see.
bangkok travel guide
Nightlife in Bangkok definitely lives up to the hype, check out Soi Cowboy to see the infamous Redlight District (one pass is good enough, unless you’re into that sort of thing). If cheap love and lady boys aren’t your cup of tea, you can pop over to China Town for some good late night eats, wander the side streets or “sukomvents” and follow the same path set forth by The Hangover 2. If high class meets high prices are what you are looking for, head over to The Moon Bar on the 50th Floor of the Banyan Tree Hotel – this swanky joint is one of Bangkok’s trendiest places for cocktail with a view. Whatever trouble you get into one thing is for certain, Bangkok sure knows how to party.
bangkok travel guide
Dinner Cruise View
What/Where to Eat:
The food scene in Bangkok is a wonderful melting pot of high end, low end and everything in between. Street Eats can be found all over the city when the sun goes down and you can eat like a king for only a few bucks. As far as Thai Food goes, make sure you sample dishes from each regional of Thailand – Southern Dishes are more spicy while Northern Dishes are more savory, either way you can’t go wrong as the food in this country is truly amazing. For an unforgettable evening activity go for a dinner cruise on the classically decorated Aspara. Enjoy traditional Thai cuisine with a modern twist and view Bangkok’s stunning skyline while navigating down the river. If you’re the adventurous type you can even sample the infamous Durain fruit, locals swear that the fresher the fruit the more creamy the taste, however we couldn’t stomach it due to the fact that it smells like a used diaper.
bangkok travel guide
All in all Bangkok is definitely worth the trip and a must see when traveling in Thailand. We hope you enjoyed our Bangkok Travel Guide and Remember….Adventure is Out There!