Best Rental Car Company – Our Top Pick!

When searching for the Best Rental Car Company, you may be asking yourself: How do you know which is the best deal? How can you cut down waiting time to get your keys? Just because a Rental Car Company is cheap does that mean they have good customer service? Below is our thoughts on the Best Rental Car Company and how to get a good deal.


Best Rental Car Company

  • Budget: 
    First off the best thing about Budget is that they are the best priced of all “brand name” car rental agencies. For example when we travel to Los Angeles, there are several “knock off” car rental companies but their service is subpar and you don’t get the car you paid for. Budget also has a great frequent renter program called FastBreak, you can sign up online for free and become a RapidRez member which allows you to book your car online, pay for it and then hope right off the bus at a designated stop that by-passes the lines, the kiosk and the headaches of car rental. There may be cheaper options out there but Budget is usually the best priced major car rental company.

Best Rental Car Company

  • is another good resource to shop tons of rental car companies for the best rate. displays all the rental car companies in one easy to navigate column and you can see comparisons of other travel sites as well. Even though  we usually go with Budget, we’ll still go on to search for promo codes and see which company has the best deal.

Best Rental Car Company

    Virgin America offers great incentives for bonus miles by using their website to refer you to the rental car companies. If you  are a Budget, Hertz or Avis rental car fan then you can earn up to 3 miles per dollar spent on car rental, not only getting the best deal on your car rental but now you can get bonus miles as well. This is one of the secret weapons we use to maximize our spend!


Final Tip:
No matter what Car Rental Company you choose to rental from, its always best to check what loyalty program they offer. Ultimately the more you rent; the better your status, which could warrant big time savings on both time and money.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our article on Best Rental Car Company, if you have any loyalty programs you enjoy send them our way – we’re always looking for the best deal!