Looking for the Best Cancun Shuttle? Frustrated with all the different companies and all the hecklers once you hit the ground? So were we, until we found HappyShuttle. First off this is not a plug for Happy Shuttle and in no way are they compensating us for this post. We just feel like we’ve finally started figuring this whole Cancun Area out and now we are confident that we have a reliable shuttle service to use.

Why You Need A Shuttle or Transfer

Travel in Cancun is limited in the Airport due to Government Regulations and taxi’s are not able to do pickups at the airport….so if you need a ride to your hotel, which we’re sure you do, then you’ll need to book a transfer. When we go to Cancun we’re not staying at resorts in the hotel zone, 99% of our trips have been to Isla Mujeres, so we usually have to take a private shuttle unless we want to wait for everyone to be dropped off in the HZ first…lets face it that would take forever. Since the trip to Puerto Juarez is only like 25-30 mins away we can usually cut our wait time very short by taking a private transfer and it also reduces the time we have to wait to catch the ferry.


best cancun shuttle

Saving Some Pesos

Now to the best part….the price. After taking a few overpriced rides from SuperShuttle, we discovered HappyShuttle for only $60. For a roundtrip private transfer from CUN to Puerto Juarez thats cheap. Best deal we could get with BestDay, SuperShuttle or other companies was $75-90 rt. So now we’ve found a cheap, quick, professional company who will take you were you need to go for less. Hope this helps you on your next trip to Cancun. So who’s the Best Cancun Shuttle? HappyShuttle in our opinion.

If you are interested in renting a car and driving yourself to your hotel. We did that too. Check out our other post about Cancun Car Rental. There are few things you should know before renting as we seen a few people get taken advantage of.

Adventure is out there.

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How To Book The Best Cancun Shuttle