It’s Summertime and the weather is nice…what do you do? Hit the beach or the lake as quick as you can. Before you get your swimsuit wet here are 10 Movies That Will Make You Fear The Water.

1. Jaws
The grandaddy of scary movies about sharks. This Chomp-tastic film is a must sea before getting in the water.
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2. The Shallows
This recent 2016 release gives you a new reason to fear the sea. Want to know what happens when you got out alone? Sea this film.
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3. Open Water
When it comes to creepy situations this movies takes the cake. Learn what happens when you get left behind in the deep.
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Piranha is the tale of what happens when flesh-eating piranhas are accidently released into a river. Nom, Nom, Nom.
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5. Deep Blue Sea
Mutant Sharks and unethical animal testing? Sounds like receipt for disaster. It is in this epic oceanic tale.

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6. Poseidon Adventure
Open Ocean and Rogue Waves – as Murphys Law puts it, what can go wrong will go wrong. This is a 1970’s Classic.
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7. Ghost Ship
Cruises may seem like a good idea, think again. Check out this instant horror classic about what can go wrong on the deep blue.
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8. In The Heart Of The Sea

We’ve heard the Story of Moby Dick but this 2015 release by Ron Howard takes the this story to a whole new level of fear.
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9. The Perfect Storm

What happens when a fishing boat drives straight into a hurricane? A whole new reason to avoid small boats and big waves.
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10. The Reef
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