Cancun Rental Cars

Thinking of renting a car in Cancun? Why not, it’s cheap, an easy way to get around and safe to drive the Rivera Maya, but here are a few things we learned form our experience on Cancun Rental Cars.

Reserving Online May Not Be The Best Idea

Mid-flight on our way to Cancun we decided to rent a car, so upon arrive we walked up to the Budget Counter and began to negotiate the rental rates. After a few minutes of back a forth we agreed on a total price of $80 which included insurance for our 5 day trip. Fast forward to a few minuets later and we’re standing in line to get our fully automatic rental car. While waiting we see 2 couples in front of us causing quite a scene over their online booking.

Now a quick note about renting online – the rates look super cheap but they do not include Mexican Insurance, which is required by law. 

Since we knew you have to purchase Mexican Insurance we starting listening in to the conversations in front of us. Apparently one couple had reserved the car online for $5 a day but declined to purchase insurance as they thought they were covered by their credit card. After a few minutes we learned 2 things, one their credit card only covered rentals inside the USA and would not provide any coverage and two since they reserved the car online and declined insurance they had to purchase it at the current market rate of $30 per day. This couple was freaking out and yelling which was completely understandable that they felt ripped off, however since they didn’t do any research they unfortunately had to pay the price. So to recap this couple’s previous reservation of $5 per day was now a $35 per day rental. At this point we started to feel pretty good about or $16 per day price point.

To break it down here the scope on Cancun Rental Cars:

  1. All Rentals Must Purchase Mexican Insurance
  2. Not All Credit Cards Provide Coverage Overseas (check with them first)
  3. Even If You’re Card Provides Coverage, It May Only Be Secondary – meaning you still need Mexican Insurance.
  4. Most Rental Card Companies Do Full Disclose This Information, But It Is Not Easy To Find

In closing, renting a car in Cancun can be an easy process if you do your research and buy your insurance. For us renting on the fly worked in our favor over others who had rented online. What ever your rental case may be, just be smart and everything will work out fine.

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