It’s that time of year again. Black Friday sales, Cyber Monday Specials and more advertising dollars spent in this quarter than the year combined. Worst part is that the turkey hasn’t hit the oven yet. Don’t fret my friends, I’m here to help! As I searched the web today looking for gift hints to send to my wife I thought I’d share them with you.


  1. Bespoke Post
    Thoughtful collections of goods from small-batch brands, delivered monthly.
    Cost: $45 monthly.
  2. Travel Size Projector
    Small, lightweight projector with maximum portability. You can even charge it with a cellphone backup battery.
    Cost: $279 with Amazon Prime.
  3. Ipad Pro 13″
    Extended battery life, amazing image quality and ability to edit photos, sketch and blog on the go!
    Cost: $799 base price.
  4. SkyRoam
    Our favorite global wifi device. Get unlimited data for just $10 per day, see our full review here.
    Cost: $99 (get 10% off – click here)
  5. PlugBug by Twelve South
    This sweet travel adapter works great for any Apple user on the go. See our full review here.
    Cost: $44.99


Best of luck on all your holiday shopping, I hope these great gifts for the traveling male help you find the perfect item! Remember….Adventure is out there!