On November 13th, I woke up on my birthday excited to start the day when I found some upsetting news. Virgin Atlantic and Virgin America are no longer travel partners. Virgin America Drops Virgin Atlantic? I thought could it be, two of my favorite airlines are now longer working together? I kept wondering what was going through  Sir Richard Bronson’s mind about this. I mean I knew the merger wasn’t going to be a great thing for Virgin Fans but I didn’t think this would happen so soon. Below is the info I found out.

According to VirginAmerica.com

“Virgin America and Virgin Atlantic have sunset their frequent flyer partnership effective Nov 12th. If you haven’t yet earned Elevate points for qualifying flights with Virgin Atlantic taken prior to Nov 13th, you can still claim them up to six months after the date of travel.”

Learn more about this here

This is a serious bummer to any avid Virgin traveler as this kills the 35K Upper Class round trip that was previously offered. We are especially bummed out because we have over 170K miles in our elevate account that are now currently being devalued because of this Alaskan Merger. I say devalued because currently it takes 2 Amex points to get 1 Elevate Point so if you take into consideration what monetary amount is required to acquire a Virgin America Elevate Point and then what it takes to redeem said points with partners it is an extreme disappointment of the level of miles required.

At this point only time will tell what will happen to a once amazing Airline…will Alaska take over and ruin a level of service that was ranked America’s #1 Airline 9 Years in a row or will they continue the high standard that Virgin has set? As the merger draws closer all we can do is sit, wait and pray that the death of Virgin America will not be the death of a new level of quality in Domestic Air Travel.