What is The Wanderlusty?

Hi, We’re Ben and Sadey, husband and wife travel junkies in search for our next great adventure. We met 8 years ago in the bright lights and late nights of Hollywood, CA. After college we packed up, moved to Texas (right outside of Dallas) and started an advertising studio. Our work schedule is always crazy with projects and deadlines, but we get to do some pretty cool projects. So with the freedom our business allows for travel (both for work and pleasure- sometimes we just have to get away for a few days to recharge) we’ve set out on a mission to see the world and learn as much from others as we can before we are “too old”. When we started The Wanderlusty in early fall 2014 we just wanted to share our adventures and tips with friends and family. We’ve grown a lot in a short period of time but remain true to our roots. Our goal with The Wanderlusty is to share our Travel Experiences and help inspire others to travel more.   


Instagram: @the_bearded_delight || Twitter: @hobodanwilson

First thing people notice about me: The beard, its always the beard…its like a tractor beam of greatness
3 items you can’t live with out: Food, Water and Shelter
Favorite Cocktail: Old Fashioned, Manhattan or Makers on the rocks
Favorite TV Shows: Mad Men, The Layover, King of the Hill, The Simpsons, American Horror Story
Favorite Movie: The Count of Monte Cristo, Run Lola Run, Pulp Fiction
Favorite Food: I <3 Pig. Thai, Indian, Moroccan, Middle Eastern…Sadey says I eat Hummus as much as the Zohan.
Favorite Cities: Las Vegas, Paris, London, Helsinki
Favorite Travel Memory: Hiking the Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii and Taking Fisu Shots with my Finnish Brethren in Helsinki.
Hobbies: Playing Drums, Grilling, Fishing and the obvious answer Travel
Summer or Winter: I like cold weather over hot weather. Something about Europe in the Winter is cool, but Im not opposed to the occasional warm location.
Why I love to travel: Getting Lost, Experiencing new things and learning about myself
Preferred Airline: Virgin Atlantic and Virgin American are at the top of my list. But Easyjet is good and cheap for Europe.
Preferred Hotel: Mostly I go for the boutique hotels, but as far as chains go I really dig Omni Hotels.


Instagram: @sadeydarling || Twitter: @sadeydarling

First thing people notice about me: My long red hair.
3 items you can’t live with out: My phone, YSL Foundation, and a fan.
Favorite Cocktail: I’m usually a Jack and Diet or Absinthe kinda gal but I’ve been lately I’ve been digging Moscow Mules.
Favorite TV Shows: Mad Men, American Horror Story, King of the Hill
Favorite Movies: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, True Romance, Roman Holiday
Favorite Food: Pasta… Sushi… Moroccan… Indian… I can’t pick a favorite.
Favorite City:  London
Favorite Travel Memory: Spending Christmas Day at Père Lachaise Cemetery visiting Jim Morrison.
Hobbies: Traveling, Cooking, Painting, Photography
Addictions: Jasmine Green Tea, Sephora, Traveling
Ninjas or Pirates: Pirates.
Summer or Winter: Winter… I love cold weather.
Luxury or Budget?: Luxury, If i could afford Luxury all the way I would do it.
Preferred Hotel: Anything Luxury or Boutique.