(updated as accomplished and more to be added)
  1. See the Great White Sharks at Seal Island
  2. Snorkle with Whale Sharks off Isla Mujeres
  3. Get completely pissed with locals in a London Pub
  4. The Pyramids at Giza
  5. Ride Camels in the Sahara Desert
  6. Dive Cenotes in Playa Del Carmen
  7. Spend Christmas in Paris
  8. Enjoy Tapas in Barcelona, Spain
  9. Visit Disneyland Paris
  10. Absorb the culture of Morocco
  11. Eat our way across Japan
  12. Visit Disneyland Tokyo
  13. Relax on the beach in Bali
  14. Explore the quite island of Isla Holbox
  15. Cruise around the South Pacific
  16. Spend 1 Night in Bangkok, Thailand (and worlds your oyster…)
  17. Walk the boarder town of Tijuana, Mexico
  18. Get lost on the streets of Taipei, Taiwan
  19. Visit Disneyland Hong Kong
  20. Take on Hong Kong for 48 hours
  21. See the old world meets modern architecture of Shanghai, China
  22. Take a stroll on The Great Wall of China
  23. Hit Up Every Disneyland On Earth
  24. Enjoy a fresh pint of Guinness in Dublin
  25. White Water Raft in Costa Rica
  26. Catch a 15’ or longer fish from the Pacific (Panama)
  27. Go to Naples, Italy just for the Pizza
  28. Eat fresh street noodles in Vietnam
  29. Devour fresh dumplings in Shanghai, China
  30. Lose ourselves on the streets of Venice, Italy
  31. Guzzle beer in Prague
  32. See St. Petersburg, Russia
  33. Cruise the Caribbean
  34. Drop 1,000€ at Monte Carlo
  35. Swim Dean’s Blue Hole,  Long Island, Bahamas
  36. Cava shots with friends in Fiji
  37. Spend New Year’s Eve in Finland
  38. Sleep in the over-the-water huts of Tahiti
  39. See the races in Monaco
  40. Escape from Chateau Dief in Southern France
  41. Sail about the Mediterranean for the Summer
  42. Live in Rome for 1 month
  43. Experience the Northern Lights from Lapland, Finland
  44. The entire country of Iceland
  45. Dive with Tiger Sharks in the Bahamas
  46. Swim with Sea Turtles (Tulum, Mexico)
  47. Swim with Whale Sharks in the Yucatan
  48. Go on a walkabout in Australia
  49. Spend all day in the Louvre
  50. Hang Glide New Zealand
  51. Relax on the beaches of Long Island, Bahamas
  52. Eat Jerk Chicken at Scotchies in Jamaica
  53. Full Moon Party in Copanang,Thailand
  54. Walk through the Red Light District of Amsterdam
  55. Climb ALL the steps to the Cupola at the Vatican 
  56.  Antarctica 
  57. Spend NYE at Helldone in Helsinki, Finland
  58. Zipline over the ocean in Isla Mujeres, Mexico


  1. Share a Beer and Talk Shop with Anthony Bourdain
  2. Kentucky’s Bourbon Belt
  3. Jack Daniels Distillery
  4. Dollywood (Pigeon Forge Area)
  5. Eat our way through New Orleans
  6. Memphis/Graceland
  7. SXSW Austin, TX
  8. California’s Redwood Forrest
  9. Take the 101 up the California Coast
  10. Experience Glacier Bay, Alaska
  11. Hike the Kilauea Volcano
  12. Zipline Downtown Las Vegas
  13. Eat the 72oz Steak in Amarillo, TX
  14. White Water Raft The Grand Canyon
  15. Drink a fresh Shiner Bock at the brewery in Shiner, TX
  16. Shark Cage Diving in Oahu
  17. Jump out of the Stratospere in Las Vegas Nevada
  18. Have that $100 Burger in Las Vegas
  19. Drive from Texas to Florida along the coast
  20. Walk the River Walk in San Antonio, Texas
  21. Rent a beach house on the Texas Coast
  22. Shoot Machine Guns in Las Vegas
  23. Explore Big Bend National Park
  24. Visit as many plantations in Louisiana 
  25. Drink Wine in Santa Barbara
  26. Sky Dive the Las Vegas Skyline
  27. Explore New England
  28. Stay in a “High Roller” Suite in Las Vegas
  29. Sky Dive in Kaui, Hawaii
  30. Kick Back with a Starbucks in Seattle, WA
  31. Eat a Cheesesteak @ Tony Luke’s in Philadelphia
  32. Fly to San Francisco just to eat
  33. Snowboard Lake Tahoe
  34. Ship up to Boston
  35. See the “THING” in Arizona
  36. Exploring the Nightlife in Portland, Oregon
  37. Drive through Truth or Consequences, New Mexico
  38. Eat our way through LA’s Food Truck Scene
  39. Climb a Frozen Waterfall (Steam Boat Springs, Colorado)
  40. Make it to Coachella in California (saw Rage Against The Machine 2007)
  41. Seattle, Washington
  42. Hike in the Sierra Nevada’s
  43. Stay in a cabin on a mountain lake
  44. Ride the Fresh Powder on Mt. Baker, WA
  45. Gamble all the Riverboats of the South
  46. Party with Ron White
  47. Surf California’s Coast
  48. Zuma Beach, CA
  49. Stay at the Disneyland Hotel
  50. Kick back in Malibu, CA
  51. Wakeboard the Brazos River
  52. Fly a Sesna Airplane
  53. Roswell, New Mexico
  54. Salem, Mass